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lundi, 29 juin 2015

Rise of the idiot


Rise of the idiot

The "Islamic State" is nothing else than the militant wing of Western liberalism.

Ex: http://www.geopolitica.ru
Many European mainstream politicians and journalists cry today crocodile tears about Syria´s ancient Palmyra under terrorist control. They express their concerns that the armed militants of the "Islamic State" will destroy Palmyra, which harbors the ruins of a great city that was once one of the world's key cultural hubs. It wouldn´t be the first time that the "Islamic State" destroys cultural heritage.
But those emotions are deeply hypocritical: Because many of those who are now "concerned", are in reality the ideological "spin doctors" of the "Islamic State" and other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. With their support for the so-called "Syrian Revolution" they fueled these groups.
The "Islamic State" is today simply executing its job: Destroying civilization, desintregating a whole nation, killing everyone who represents "order" in the most brutal way they can. They atomize Syria, the geopolitical obstacle in the eyes of Washington and Brussels.
This pattern is not new at all:
- In Kosovo extremist Albanians don´t "just" attack Serbs, they attack and destroy Serbian-Orthodox churches and burial grounds. They don´t just want to get rid of the Serbian population, they want to get rid of the Serbian historical presence. Kosovo-Albanians desecrate Serbian graves by putting animal cadavers on them.
- In Southern Caucasus Armenian churches and monasteries were aimed by the Azerbaijan forces during the Nagorno-Karabakh War. The Armenian cathedral of Shushi was desecrated and turned into a weapons stockpile by the Aziri forces.
It is not a coincidence that this barbarian and anti-cultural warfare was supported by "volunteers" (such as Chechnyan and Afghan Djihadis) in both, former Yugoslavia and Southern Caucasus.
Destroying cultural, historical, religious and national heritage is an effective way to create a "fait accompli" on geopolitical battle grounds. The purpose of those "measures of war" is to cut the enemy population off their historical, cultural and religous collective bonds and identities.
And this is exactly the ideological concept of the post-modernist and liberal West. They do the same in Europe - of course with other means, with "soft power". Here our political and cultural elites deny the existence and importance of collective identities, they fantasise in our universities about intellectual holographs as "hybrid identities"and so on. They fight against religion, they "deconstruct" the family, they created even countles genera to deny the existance of "male" and "female". They turn churches into department stores or appartment buildings. They worship the "individual", which is "free" to act in a "open society" - what means in reality: "open market".
The Russian philosopher and political scientist Prof. Alexandr Dugin once described this process as a way to spread a modern "idiotism". In ancient Greek the term "idiotes" described "a private citizen, one who has no professional knowledge, layman”. "Idiotes" was used in ancient Athens to refer to one who declined to take part in public life - someone without any collective bonds.
The "Islamic State" is today the "bulldozer" of that kind of warfare to destroy any collective bonds in Middle East. It is nothing else than the militant wing of Western liberalism.

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