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mardi, 13 octobre 2020

Soldiers, Anarchs, and Ideologues


“Soldiers, Anarchs, and Ideologues” 

I have a contribution to this titled “Nietzsche vs. Hitler: Anti-Nazism on the German Revolutionary Right.”

Copies of SOLDIERS, ANARCHS & IDEOLOGUES: HEROES OF THE CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION are 175 pages in length and cost just 20 EUROS with free postage to anywhere in the world. The PayPal address is blackfrontpress@yahoo.co.uk and you can find more details below.

AFTER the tremendous success of our two-volume series, Eye of the Storm, Black Front Press has decided to widen its scope a little and feature one or two examples of those who pursued similar ideas elsewhere. Rather than confine our study to Germany, therefore, this latest volume includes Conservative Revolutionary trends from countries as far afield as Portugal and China. We are certain that this book will provide you with both a sufficient grounding in the subject concerned and a springboard from which to inform and enhance your own thoughts and actions.

Chapters include

Unity in Diversity: Ernst Jünger and the Importance of Multiplicity;

Chiang Kai-Shek: Revolutionary Conservative;

The Marburg Speech;

A Critical Look at Jünger’s Workerism;

The Fortunes of War: A Curious Link Between Otto Strasser and Walter Benjamin;

Nietzsche vs. Hitler: Anti-Nazism on the German Revolutionary Right;

Oswald Spengler and History as Destiny;

Life as an Anarch;

Parallels in Mannheim, Jünger and Gramsci;

The 20th July Conspirators: ‘Traitors’ to Tyranny, Heroes of Geheimes Deutschland;

Life, Death and Will: Echoes of Jünger in Stefan Zweig;

Sardinha’s Path to Tradition: Counter-Revolution, Monarchy and a Republic of Free Men;

The Hand of Mystery: Spengler and Prophecy;

Ernst Jünger and the Myth of Cultural Marxism;

From Ernst Jünger to Armin Mohler: An Interview with Robert Steuckers;

Ode to Spengler;

Work and Power: Jünger’s Debt to Stirner;

Walter Benjamin: Unlikeliest of Revolutionary Conservatives.

The contributors are Troy Southgate, Robert Steuckers, Tomislav Sunic, K.R. Bolton, Keith Preston, Richard J. Levy, Manuel Rezende and Sean Jobst.

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