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mardi, 31 janvier 2012

The Problem with France

The Problem with France


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Here is the problem; France is not very French any more. We have all seen the violence carried out by Muslim immigrants, we have seen the riots and protests by people who don’t want to actually work for a living and there is a contempt shown for any sort of French pride in the history and achievements of the country. All of this is the total antithesis of what the short-lived, World War II, State of France stood for, which was French nationalism, the value of honest work and pride in France and French culture, the defense of French interests and the defense of the French colonial empire; the second largest empire in the world. This makes the time that the government of France was based out of Vichy the critical, pivotal moment in the modern history of France. Everything that happened before that time led to the opportunity that came into play at Vichy and everything that has happened since has been a result of it, really, that is to say that the rapid plummet down France has endured is because of the rejection of the principles of the State of France and the (illegal by the way) overthrow of the government of Marshal Petain.

That is something no one really talks about because no one can really dispute it. It is a FACT. The State of France was the legal, valid and only legitimate government for the French people. It was not a puppet state, it was not imposed on France from the outside and it was not illegally established. It was the LEGAL government and everyone knew it. It was internationally recognized and not just by the Axis powers but even Allied powers. The United States was at war with Germany and Italy and planning the invasion of France while at the same time still recognizing and even maintaining diplomatic relations with the State of France government in Vichy. Charles DeGaulle was a dynamic figure for sure but there was absolutely no legal basis for him just assuming control of France or his whole attitude since he was in London that he somehow represented the legitimate authority for France or even over only those who opposed the government in Vichy and resisted the German occupation of the north. He had never been in government and he was not even a very important or high-ranking general in the army. Before going to London and getting on the radio no one had ever heard of him. Even in France most people had no idea who he really was because he had never been very important.

Marshal Petain, really, was known by everybody. He was one of the great war heroes of World War I. He was the guy who saved Verdun, who restored the fighting spirit of the French army, the general who didn’t waste lives and who won battles. He was the steady, reliable, solid patriot that everyone knew and everyone could trust. Petain became the chief of government legally through the proper channels and the politicians turned to him because it was a crisis, no one else wanted to take responsibility and assume leadership at the apex of such a disaster and so they turned to Petain just like they had done in World War I at Verdun and it was Marshal Petain who stepped forward in a bad situation, took responsibility for the welfare of his country and displayed leadership in picking up the pieces of a defeated country to build a new, stronger, more united French state than there had been before.

This is the point that is lost on like so many people, even patriotic Frenchmen who cringe at the German occupation. You need to consider the fact that Germany was able to very easily co-opt, subvert and reinvent the institutions of the French Third Republic. The fact that it was so damn easy really ought to tell people that the institutions and foundations of the Third Republic were not so great to begin with. The fact that France was conquered (pretty quickly and easily) and then taken over by the Germans should, all by itself, prove that something different, stronger and more nationalistic was needed for France. Of course, as soon as World War II was over way too many French immediately ran back to the mediocrity that was the leftist French republican model. There is a reason, for instance, that the European powers shipped Napoleon off to some flyspeck island in the south Atlantic and tore down the First Empire. They did it because it was a threat to them. It was, overall, really an authoritarian and nationalist regime that could mobilize the public and which had just before that conquered almost everyone in Europe. They could not co-opt it, they could not sanitize it, they had to get rid of it because it had worked so well. Add to that the fact that it took the combined forces of England, Prussia, Austria, Russia, Spain and a bunch of other countries to do it.

It seems to be a pathological drive amongst many European countries to forever turn their back on whatever regime took them to their greatest peak of power and success. So, in France, the empires, the colonial empire, the State of France, really all of that were just tossed aside and France was taken over by a bunch of elites who could not have screwed up what was once the greatest power in Europe any more if they deliberately tried. Socialism became the order of the day, making generations of French people over-dependent whiners who riot at the thought of having to put off retirement for a couple more years and it has put the country into massive debt at the same time because no one wants to show any discipline. The military has been gutted, a Hungarian elected President, North Africans allowed to come in and take over whole sections of the country in huge numbers, destabilizing society and limiting what France can or will do in the world. They’ve also put France into the EU straightjacket so that if any other country gives them the shaft they just have to bend over and take it because no one can make their own decisions anymore, everyone must get along and nationalism is just really bad, bad, bad.

The State of France was the last opportunity the country had to turn things around, strengthen and recover. No joke! For the most part the colonial empire was maintained, the French navy was not impounded or sunk (by the Germans anyway), territorial losses were minimal but most importantly the principles of the state were strong and they had some of the best French thinkers in the political field working for them -all of which would be lost when the Allies eventually came in and conquered the place in their turn. "Work, Family, Fatherland" may not have the same romance as "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" but, really, they are much more practical, realistic and obtainable goals that would strengthen the country. Liberty; what's that mean? Equality? That doesn't exist. Fraternity may be okay but that's been perverted nowadays to apply to any and everyone when originally it pretty much meant the French. Work -necessary, family -building block of society, fatherland -what everyone should unite in defending, promoting and glorifying. France has long had a revolutionary history and really it will probably come back around again and something better will be tried again. I just hope there will be enough of the genuine France left to pick up the pieces and rebuild. So get busy France!

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