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jeudi, 27 août 2020

Hinduism and the Culture Wars


Hinduism and the Culture Wars

Koenraad Elst


In this introduction of his brilliant new book, Koenraad Elst talks about 'Hinduism and the Culture Wars'. Culture Wars are a common phenomenon in the West, where tradition represented often by the religious orthodoxy and the old establishment resists every new change that is being brought about in the society, even the necessary changes. The Old Guard, guided by religion, in this context, acts as the automatic resistance to anything new. That is the reason that Evolution and Abortion are still raging debates in the West, even in countries like the United States of America. This is because, the Prophetic Monotheism prevalent in the West and most of the world except India and China, resists change and ossifies time.
On the other hand is a pagan and polytheistic culture like Hinduism, where culture wars are hardly seen. Hindu society accepts necessary change because its guiding dharmic system of Sanatana Dharma has inbuilt mechanisms of social change. It keeps incorporating progressive ideas and necessary changes along with conserving the core civilizational beliefs. Listen to this brilliant Talk to know how unique India's dharmic way of life is and how it takes the middle path between tradition and change.
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