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vendredi, 12 février 2010

Phase 2 in Kosovo. Total ethnic cleansing

Phase 2 in Kosovo. Total ethnic cleansing

di: Ugo Gaudenzi _ http://www.rinascita.eu/    


The NATO occupation forces in Kosovo Metohija (the Serbian province, which, since 1999, has been ripped off Belgrade by Western aggression), will be, on the 1st of February of this year, reduced of 2600 squads. The Atlantic armed reduction to a total of 10 thousand squads has been “stylishly” justified by the concerned governments, as a “tactical improvement”, which could guarantee the troops with a “major flexibility” during the operations of interposition among the various ethnic groups (mainly: Albanians, Skipeteers, Serbians, Croatians and Gorans), which are  fighting with no interruption whatsoever after the mass expulsion of non-Albanians from the Serbian province (250 thousand is the count of the refugees beyond borders). In truth, the infinite Atlantic war has moved its front (in Afghanistan) and the reduction of the NATO troops in Kosovo is directly linked to the US request for colonial allies to increase the presence of a Western army in the Mountain nation.
For what concerns Kosovo Metohija – the harshest wound inflicted by Atlantics in the heart of Europe, still looking for its own freedom, after World War II – we have to underline how, after the territory forced division, they are now planning the eradication of Kosovo from Serbia. After 11 years of occupation, the NATO Atlantic commando has decided to force the status quo, transforming the 5 operation forces, placed to keep an eye on the North, South, East, West and Central part of the region, in an only device of strategic responsibility over all the Kosovarian territory, left aside the 5 zone dislocations: every Kfor sub-command has, since this February, the possibility of intervention during emergencies, everywhere throughout Kosovo.
The strategic idea is that of forcing, even military, the unification of Kosovo Metohija under the Albanian “government” of Pristine. Every race which is hostile to the separation of the province from its homeland, will be weakened, even at the cost of using acts of terrorism and of Albanian violence against churches and Serbian enclaves, as a pretext for a forced pacification. It has already occurred in 2004.
The very same declaration of Albanian “independence” of Pristine, immediately after the birth of Eulex, on February 2008, had been possible, thanks to the transformation of UCK gangs of terrorism into “internal police forces” in zones controlled by Albanians. Eulex’s mission, UE’s “general affairs” board (obviously not elected by the members of the Community), had been decided, two years ago, with the excuse of implementing the 1244 resolution of the UNO. The very same Eulex – which has in Kosovo, an armed force of 1400 “gendarmes”, among civilians and soldiers – ensures “safety”, i.e. armed control of the denser regions, still inhabited by Serbians, especially in the Northern part of the province (Mitrovica).
The eradication of the populations identities.
This is the Atlantic mission and of the so-called European Union.
Of which, colonial Italy is, a happy member.

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