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lundi, 30 avril 2007

About www.fravahr.org


About Us


The task of Fravahr.org is bringing the artifacts of the Perso-Aryan vision in a state close to their original and living condition. It would be difficult to say what comprises the Aryan memory and or tradition — what questions, views, and general areas cover the field in a comprehensive way. We find how many open questions are concealed behind the apparently simple word. We do not approach the expressions of the Aryan vision with a preconceived thesis, or view them exclusively within the context of the Mazdaean ideology.

Research in any branch of the Perso-Aryan memory and tradition depends not only on good institutional surrondings, but even more so the availibility of personal help in the form of experienced researches and colleagues showing an interest in the work under research.

The object of Fravahr is double: one, to facilitate the study of the Aryan History ; the other, to stimulate interest in the emergence of the Aryan Ideas and Visions in the formative period.

Here we begin the process of writing a history of Aryan ideas. The works of the Fravahr can justly be regarded as paragraphs, even chapters of the future “History”, as more or less finished blocks of the building being erected. It is hoped that the reconstruction makes an obscure and difficult topic less obscure and less difficult.

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