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lundi, 18 octobre 2010

Nationalism and Identity in Romania

Nationalism and Identity in Romania: A History of Extreme Politics from the Birth of the State to EU Accession

Radu Cinpoes (author)

Hardback £59.50

Romanian_Revolution_1989_1.jpgThe collapse of communism in Central and Eastern Europe produced a fundamental change in the political map of Europe. In Romania, nationalism re-emerged forcefully and continued to rally political support against the context of a long and difficult transition to democracy. Extreme right-wing party The Greater Romania Party gained particular strength as a major political power, and its persuasive appeal rested on a reiteration of nationalism and identity - and themes such as origins, historical continuity, leadership, morality and religion - that had been embedded in Romanian ideological discourse by earlier nationalist formations. Radu Cinpoes here examines the reasons for the strength and resilience of nationalism in Romania, from the formation of the state to its accession in the EU.


  • Preface * Nationalism - Conceptual Framework * Continuity and Discontinuity in the Romanian Nationalist Discourse * Tradition, Context and Transition to Post-Communism * The Greater Romania Party: Background, Competition and Significance * The Party and its Leader * The Decline of the Greater Romania Party * Romania in the EU: The Future of Nationalism * Conclusions
  • Radu CinpoeA specializes in nationalism and identity politics. He is lecturer in Politics and Human Rights at Kingston University, where he also obtained his PhD in 2006.

    Imprint: I.B.Tauris
    Publisher: I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd
    Series: International Library of Political Studies

    ISBN: 9781848851665
    Publication Date: 21 Sep 2010
    Number of Pages: 320



    Would anyone bother to explain what"s the point of this post?In october 2010 ?That nationalist party got out of the mainstream politics in Romania six years ago.They"re not even in the parliament.At last elections in 2008 they got around 3% of the votes.How does this reality fits with the "strenght and resilience of nationalism"?!!!!....You guys run out of sensational apochaliptic news from eastern Europe?...yeah right!

    Écrit par : clau2002 | mardi, 19 octobre 2010

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