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samedi, 07 janvier 2012

Turkey preparing for an attack against Greece?


Turkey preparing for an attack against Greece?

Although the Turkish political leadership is trying to convince Greece of its benevolent intentions, its acts ultimately betray the reality of its true visions. So after the start of deliveries of the first 52 offensive amphibious bridges Samur FNSS which can erase from the map in a few minutes the obstacle called Evros River and the acquisition of dozens of armored demining vehicles type Keiler, the Turkish Armed Forces completed receiving a few days ago 40 heavy HGMS (Heavy Ground Mobility Systems).

Thanks to these HGMS the Turkish engineering corps can prepare the ground for the transportation of tanks or other heavy vehicles on the opposite bank of the river Evros, while of similar importance is the use of these system for landing operations for which the Turkish Army gets constantly trained opposite the Greek island of Chios.

These heavy HGMS were ordered to the British company FAUN MV Ltd. and Iveco in 2008 costing 21.5 million.

They were delivered only, and we emphasize that, to the engineering units of the 1st Army in Eastern Thrace. The HGMS of the British company can withstand vehicles with weight exceeding 70 tonnes, even on soft ground (eg, river bank or shore) and they are carried on the truck Trakker 8 × 8 of the Italian company Iveco. They are easy to use thanks to the simple laying system that these trucks have.

The walkways are made of high strength aluminum alloy 54.7 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, and their total area reaches 228 square meters.

It is worth noting that this acquisition is the second of the Turkish army, since a few years ago had acquired another ten of such systems. The continued insistence of Turkey to acquire offensive systems for crossing barriers and removing obstacles as well as systems that facilitate the handling of heavy armored vehicles have a single purpose to prepare the Turkish Armed Forces to carry out offensive operations.

While the Greek political and economic elites praise Erdogan’s government, the leadership of the Turkish Armed Forces with these armament programs is methodically preparing for the implementation of invasion plans or at least for the intimidation of the Greek government.

Hopefully, after the explanations requested by the Greek government from Turkey regarding the statements of the former Turkish Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz on the arsoning of Greek forests by agents of MIT will also seek new explanations by the Erdogan government why Turkey during the recent years is systematically buying military equipment for overcoming water obstacles.

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