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dimanche, 19 janvier 2014

Western and Gulf barbarity


Western and Gulf barbarity: Iraq and Lebanon can go to Hell providing Syria falls

Jibril Khoury and Walter Sebastian

Modern Tokyo Times - http://moderntokyotimes.com

The political leaders of America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom should be held accountable for helping to spread terrorism, Salafi indoctrination and boosting the cause of Takfiri Islamist who rejoice in killing fellow Muslims and non-Muslims. It is also abundantly clear that in order to destroy Syria that major Gulf and Western powers care little about destabilizing Iraq and Lebanon because violence and tensions are on the rise in both nations. Of course, you have other players like Jordan implementing anti-Syrian policies alongside Kuwait and other Gulf states which are involved in the venture to crush the Syrian government. Likewise, Libya is a go-between in the Levant for sending military hardware and untold numbers of terrorists have entered Syria from this country and other regional nations like Tunisia in North Africa.

Lee Jay Walker at Modern Tokyo Times says: “Ironically, the Obama administration believes that it is fine to enter talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan via the terrorist sponsoring nation of Qatar. Therefore, the Obama administration which supports homosexual and female rights in America now wants open dialogue with the Taliban which supports killing apostates to Christianity, killing homosexuals, stoning women to death for adultery – and so forth. This isn’t so surprising because the Taliban is the real mirror of Saudi Arabia but of course Gulf nations are much more dangerous because they export Salafi hatred all over the world based on their petrodollars. However, it is strange that open talks with the secular government of Syria is shunned by America but being allies with Islamist apartheid forces in Saudi Arabia and talking to “year zero Islamists” in Afghanistan is fine.”

Turning back to the crisis in Syria then it is clear that outside nations care little about the consequences engulfing Iraq and Lebanon. After all, by funneling more military arms to various groups of terrorists within the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) and other al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups; then clearly the consequences of this were bound to reverberate into Iraq and Lebanon. Despite this, and with the deaths of thousands of American, British and other allied troops in Iraq, it now seems that these troops were mere fodder. This is based on the reality that al-Qaeda affiliated groups have not only gone back into areas they were forced out of in Iraq but now they are also stretching their dangerous tentacles to Lebanon and Syria.

Indeed, under the current Obama administration and the governments of France and the United Kingdom, a whole array of terrorist groups have more space to move because of the collective policies of the above troika of destabilizing powers. Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are now moving easily from Iraq to the Levant and have greater freedom in many parts of North Africa and West Africa. At the same time, Salafi Islam is spreading because of nations like Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia therefore Sufi shrines are being destroyed by Islamists which hate religious diversity in Libya, Mali and Somalia. Alongside this you have state sponsored indoctrination being spread to the Middle East and parts of Africa – and much further afield – whereby Christians can be hunted down like wild animals in Somalia by the al-Shabaab because of Gulf petrodollars and religious channels emanating from the Gulf region. In this sense, America and the United Kingdom are openly siding with the Islamist Salafi objectives of major Gulf powers. Not surprisingly, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda are keeping a watchful eye on events.

All major regional powers and Western nations understand that Iraq and Lebanon are very fragile therefore events in Syria will spiral out of control. Yet this reality doesn’t enter the agenda at the moment because the only goal is to destroy Syria at all costs providing the government is overthrown. The elites in the Gulf and West care little about the reality of what happened to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya because they are not blind to reality. Therefore, their collective actions against Syria are not only barbaric against this nation but they are also notifying Iraq and Lebanon that they can go to hell.

Currently Lebanon isn’t anywhere near like Iraq and Syria but the omens are not looking good because dangerous Takfiri forces backed by outside nations are intent on spreading sectarianism in this country. Recent history in this nation points to a very delicate balance because you have many different religious sects. It is therefore extremely barbaric that outside nations are flooding Syria with terrorists, mercenaries, military weapons and are enabling Salafists to spread sectarianism. Not surprisingly, the monthly death rate is once more in the thousands in Iraq because al-Qaeda affiliated groups, military weapons and enormous indoctrination is mirroring what is happening in Syria. This collective chaos is being backed by Ankara, Doha, London, Paris, Riyadh and Washington – and others within the Gulf.

Hatred towards the Shia within the Takfiri and other Sunni Islamist camps is extremely hostile.  Abu Muhammad al Adnani in early 2012 (Al Qaeda in Iraq) stated “So, Iraq, Iraq, O people of the Sunnah. Stop the black extension that is coming towards you. Cut off the head of the [Shi'ite] snake, the tail of which is amongst you. Know that the coming stage is a stage of real confrontation and war against the despicable [Shi'ites], whether you like it or not, and that the war of the Sunnis with the [Shi'ites] is not a sectarian war, like people are braying about. A sect is part of something, and the [Shi'ites] don’t have anything to do with Islam; they have their own religion and we have our own. The war of the Sunnis with the [Shi'ites] is a religious war, a holy war of faith, a war of faith and unbelief, a war of idolatry and monotheism. There is no way out of it and there is no swerving from it. The [Shi'ites] know this well.”

The above mindset is being openly supported by leading Gulf powers and the CIA, MI6 and other covert agencies are linking many terrorist ratlines in order to send military arms to religious fanatics and terrorists in Syria. Libya is a powerful nation for manipulation because central forces have been destroyed and the NATO, mercenary and terrorist chain is strong. Meanwhile, Turkey is a major conduit whereby weapons from a host of nations are openly manipulating the border area and likewise Lebanon is of strategic importance for nations supporting terrorism, sectarianism and sedition.

Iraqi nationals must be wondering what they did because minorities like the Christians and Mandaeans have been cleansed in many areas under the watch of America, the United Kingdom and other allied forces; untold numbers of Muslims have been killed because of terrorism and sectarianism; and other powerful brutal realities. Now, once more, Iraq is being undermined by the policies of Ankara, Doha, London, Paris, Riyadh and Washington – and other Gulf nations. Therefore, it is abundantly clear that the lives of Iraqi and Syrian nationals are cheap to the above ruling elites in their respective nations. Given this reality, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria fear the worse because Takfiri Islamists – combined with Western intrigues and the support of international terrorism – is without doubt the most dangerous unified force for any nation and region to face.

Over forty years ago major Gulf powers, Western nations and Pakistan supported the same Islamist thought patterns many decades ago in Afghanistan. The legacy of this reality is still causing mayhem in Afghanistan today while Pakistan managed to destabilize itself. Women are now in the shadows, terrorism is rampant in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Shia are slaughtered in Pakistan on a regular basis, non-Muslims have no rights in Afghanistan and apostates face persecution – and religious bigotry is part and parcel of modern day Pakistan. In other words, it is a nightmare because Sunni Islamist terrorist groups in Pakistan kill Shia Muslims in mosques, kill girls for studying, attack hospitals and even kill people during funeral processions.

The above madness in Afghanistan and Pakistan was created by the combined forces of major Western and Gulf powers alongside Pakistan playing a very dangerous game. Secret services including the CIA, MI6 and the ISI therefore spread untold mayhem and of course this also laid the foundations for September 11. Therefore, major powers understand what they are doing in Syria and they know the repercussions of Afghanistan; this reality means that Iraq and Lebanon can go to hell providing they remove the Syrian government. Sadly, the same barbaric nations escape international criminal courts because they play by the rules they created.

Lee Jay Walker gave guidance to both main writers



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