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dimanche, 30 mars 2014

Petition of Alaska joining Russia polls over 25,000 votes


Petition of Alaska joining Russia polls over 25,000 votes

The petition of Alaska joining Russia posted on the White House’s website on March 21 has polled over 25,000 votes in its support. For the US authorities to formally respond to the petition this appeal should win at least 100,000 supporters by April 20.
The petition urges Alaska to separate from the US and join Russia. The message points out that residents of Siberia got across the Bering Straits to Alaska in ancient times.
You will recall Russian Ambassador to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov’s joke that Senator McCain should watch over Alaska. This happened on March 22 during the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show where the key issue was the crisis in the Ukraine.
A petition entitled "Alaska Back to Russia" has been placed on the US administration's website and has gathered over 14 thousand signatures in three days. All that despite the fact that that document vanished from the open list of appeals – although the first 150 signatures made it available for voting.
Some experts point out that one should not talk about any tendency for separatism in the US, but one should not take such petitions as a joke either. The authors of the petition – similar to other petitions for the secession of some other US states – are trying to remind the White House about the basis of the state, and specifically about the Declaration of Independence.
A resident of Anchorage, the largest city in the state of Alaska, published his petition a couple of days after Crimea seceded from Ukraine and rejoined Russia. To support his petition he cites the following historic facts: the first Europeans that put their foot on the land of Alaska in 1732 were the crew of the Saint Gabriel vessel, captained by Makhail Gvozdev and Ivan Fedorov. In conclusion the author calls for "seceding Alaska from the US to rejoin Russia".

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