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dimanche, 07 avril 2019

Devotion of the Celtic Warrior Class


Devotion of the Celtic Warrior Class

In the Gests of most Indo-European mythical war episodes, the chief, or king, has the responsibility to instruct and lead his fellow warriors into battle in order to ensure the protection of the subjects he defends. In this situation, he acts as a military officer according to the duties of the first function of teachers and instructors. These duties and responsibilities were defined and conditioned by set statutory rules. As Georges Dumézil explained in The Destiny of the Warrior, the central motif of the Indo-European tripartite ideology was one of force, protection, sovereignty, prosperity, and fecundity. The main purpose of sacred royalty is to maintain organization and capitalization in order to withhold the kingdom’s balance of power and justice. But before reaching chieftain-hood, or kingship, the young warrior must undergo a series of ritual initiations. This, before he is to become an accomplished combatant tested in battle.
Article on Academia: Devotion of The Celtic Warrior Class : Celtic Warrior class Devotion_Boutet.pdf

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