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mercredi, 22 avril 2020

Depoliticize yourself


Tibet DIKMEN:                                                             

Depoliticize yourself

In these modern times, every fundamental aspect of humanity (and beyond) has been politicized. The politicization of these fundamental assets of life has inevitably caused them to be claimed by different factions racing in the political arena. The stagnation caused by these ‘claims’ has made it impossible to provide concrete solutions to matters, that weren’t even supposed to be matters in the first place. As every subject that is politicized stagnates, important and authentic assets are being deliberately politicized so that their destruction can get carried out quicker : justice, economic freedom, environement and ecology, tradition and religion (from what’s left of it), family and gender, city planning and architecture,etc…

Let us also not forget that, which ever faction that manages to become mainstream, to get ‘democratically elected’ and gain seats, to officially brand itself under terms such as ‘left, centre, right,...’ or that gets any form of attention from the media, is directly or indirectly at the service of the dark side.

Both the right and the left wing belong to the same dragon.

Politics, in its modern concept, is the dragon that Archangel St-Michael is fighting, and is therefore a threat to the prevealing of Life.

Humans are biological creatures and thus, a part of the natural Whole.

Concepts and corrupted virtues that are forced upon us by self-entitled ‘democratical governments’ such as equality, human rights, liberty and more, are in their essence opposite to the natural order of the Universe. This has resulted in a gradual and somehow ‘unconscious’ quantification of the qualitative aspects of our lives.

It is always easier to delete numbers than to delete deep rooted abstract and metaphysical concepts. The destructive nature of democracy can also be seen outside and around us, its corrupt modern virtues are not only a foe for humanity but for the entire living things on this planet. From an objective point of view, humans are the ones who have the least suffered from this decay. However, this illusion is only temporary ; the one who is cutting the branch on which he sits, will only get a sense of his mistakes when he achieves his ultimate goal.


In order to ‘ride the tiger’ and survive the civilisational and cultural crumble, some of the Traditionalist thinkers defend a ‘passive apolitiea’ stance. This stance rests on the perception that sooner or later, these modern heretics will auto-annihilate themselves by drowning in their own decay. However, even if they have forgotten it, these are biological beings and are directly linked to the whole. Even if cancerous, they are part of the organism. This would mean that when the time of auto-annihilation will come, they will annihilate the earth with themselves. This can be compared to a very modern phenomenon: the suicide bomber dies alongside the bomb that explodes. Taking the lives of those around him, and damaging the environment too. It is unnecessary for me to emphasize the consequences that 7.5 billion unconscious humans will cause on this tired planet. This behaviour is easily predictable and it’s footsteps can even be seen as of today. With the outbreak of this ‘debatable’ pandemia, some individuals have attempted to contaminate people by spitting and licking public infrastructure (A big number of such cases has been recorded in Belgium, USA and China). This may be the result of a failed individualistic mentality : ‘If I die, everyone should die with me.’

In order to prevent this global mental meltdown, an ‘active apolitea’ is necessary.

Idealistic men should leave former rivalry behind and gain consciousness and unity.

All political institutions, concepts, and autorities along with economical establishments should be boycotted. Anything that is a result of modernity should be boycotted, this can range from ditching ones TV from the window to refusing to ride a car. The entire space-time in which we are currently stuck in, should be denied. This will not only result in the individual reconnecting with the infinite but, will also detach the individual from the modern ‘volunteer slave’ mentality and give him the necessary awareness to fight it. Ideals and values connected to the infinite are the only truly effective weapons we can arm ourselves with.

As for societal order, a forced depopulation and degrowth must be enhanced. This will directly and/or indirectly help the planet recover from the deep wounds modern humans have inflicted it with their evergrowing hedonistic desires.

Some parts of the world population facing this ‘forced healing of earth’ will, eventually, gain consciousness of their ‘uselesness’ and will be aware that they take too much space. A big majority of the ‘useless’ will have to sacrifice themselves for the good of the ‘Universe, Nature and Whole’.

Those who are too selfish and/or scared of death, will rush to try to make themselves useful, some will manage to find hidden talents (that were prevented to arise due to a modern lobotomising lifestyle) and some who fail to do so, will have to embrace death. For the ones that meet the natural requirements to stay alive, will have to give back what has been forcefully taken. It is our duty as honorable critters to ask forgiveness and rebuild. But this time, it is not going to be about size or numbers for the Truth does not deal with such reductive concepts.

Humanity must gain awareness of its place in the natural order as soon as possible and (re)gain its decency and humility. Otherwise, doom awaits.


A planet of waste

Self-destructive hedonism is not as modern as we may think. It has been the result of the « ego » since our dawn. However, the proportion that it has taken in current times is the result of an ‘enlightened ideal’ that the modern world is so proud with : Individualism. Splitting an organism into seperate entities, each thinking that the world revolves around them, and forcefully feeding their ‘ego’ like water-inflated chickens, has resulted in an entire century of degeneration.

This is a very well programmed ‘separatism’ agenda, first separating humanity from the Whole and then from itself. To maintain this unconsciousness  in the long-term, animalistic pulsions have been severly taunted and kept alive in order to boggle the mind. Furthermore neverding empty desires and reductive behaviour have been succesfully advertised with the help of technology. This also proves that technological advancement, which is a result of democratical progress, is also an enemy of existence once it reaches its ultimate goal. Feeding such a big population with such atrocities is not an easy task, a big portion of ‘life’ has therefore been compromised to meet the demand.

Countless industrial sites and mass-production around every corner of the planet are continuously expoliting the planet. (How much can something inside a barcoded plastic package be called food ?). A child expoliting his mother in order to feed his hedonism must be the biggest heresy of our age.

The necessary actions that must be undertaken in order to stop this, as we have stated above, will put an end to this excessive gluttony and over-exploitation. However, an enormous chunk of concrete waste alongside chemical and bio-engineered desolation will remain.

What to do with empty skyscrapers, brutal concrete blocks, uncountable amount of waste and dead bodies ?

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