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vendredi, 27 janvier 2017

Russian Conservative Thinker Vladimir Karpets has Passed Away Today


Russian Conservative Thinker Vladimir Karpets has Passed Away Today

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Today on 27 January 2017, at the age of 62 years a great thinker, a Russian philosopher, an expert on jurisprudence and law, a member of the Union of Russian Writers, poet and film director Vladimir I. Karpets has passed away.

Karpets was born December 12, 1954 in Leningrad in the family of a Russian officer.

In 1962 the family moved to Moscow.

Vladimir Karpets graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Law Faculty, specializing in "International law".

Vladimir Karpets was a well known Russian Thinker and Philosopher, author of many books, poems. He directed three films, among which there is the movie «Third Rome» He read lectures at the Moscow State University.

Among the most important contributions of Vladimir Karpets was the development of Fourth-Political theory, which was introduced to the reader by philosopher Alexander Dugin. Karpets developed an idea of Social-Monarchism as a development of the fourth political-theory.

This idea is based on Eurasian-Empire and Byzantine’s symphony of church and state as well as socialism. However it is not marxist socialism, but socialism based on Orthodox Christian Ideas, rooted deeply in Russian and Eurasian identity. Karpets belived that the state is to be goverened by a Russian Orthodox Monarch. In a way this school of thought is a continuation of such Russian conservative thinkers such as Konstantin Leontiev, Lev Tihomirov, Ivan Solonevitch and the Eurasian school of thought.

Vladimir Karpets was a mentor of the Eurasian Youth Union.

The legacy of Vladimir Karpets will live on in his books, films, but most of all in his ideas.