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mardi, 23 juin 2020

Social Justice Has A Religion, And This Is Its Dictionary

Some identify religion as a human necessity. Seemingly as a testament to that, even those who have proudly done away with what they see as the banal and barbaric myths of the past, make a god of the state and a religion of the political process. Others may see Tony Robbins as a high priest overseeing an invigorating religious ceremony. Still others, may see Oprah as a prophet, or a periodic, lavish dinner as an epicurean communion of ritualistic value.

It is apparent that man longs for a story about the order of the universe that religion offers.

Christianity did not become the de rigueur spiritual, philosophical, and political system of vast portions of the world without having something to offer its adherents. Writers like Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell have written volumes on the universal need of humans for certain structures in life. Religion satisfies many of those structural needs.

As the extreme left in America veers further from established religion, it inevitably engages in a very human behavior and builds itself yet another religion. 

The problem is, unlike religions that have had centuries or millennia of the brightest minds in the world testing and retesting the ideas of the religion in fervent debate, the religion of the social justice warrior is a several decades old mish mosh of screwy ideas.

Far from a work of prescription, it is with the utmost sadness that I present to the reader a descriptive work of this befuddling body of thought. Sadness, because these ideas somehow exist as a body of thought in an age where the most brilliant, tested, consistent and cohesive ideas are just a few keystrokes away. It is not lack of access that stops more solid ideas from being adopted. Nor is it lack of resources or education, for the more education a person receives, the more likely they are to subscribe to this body of ideas. To identify a few:

Original Sin — The modern feminist movement imposes original sin on the man in the relationship, popularly referred to over the past decade as “privilege.”

Unlike original sin, privilege is not digital or binary, but analog and appearing in gradients. If the man is white, then his original sin is even greater. Privilege of all sorts exist. The less privileged one is, the better that person is.

All privileged people must confess their sins and come to the collective with a spirit of humbleness. The more privilege one has, the more this is needed. The less privilege one has, the less this is expected.

God — The flavor-of-the-month trend deemed popular by the collective is able to act as god. The role of god shifts from group to group and time period to time period. The status of god verges on the omnipotent and omniscient, but is so temporary that some may be imbued with this role for mere days.

Council of Nicaea — The Council of Nicaea is an ongoing meeting, often taking place on social media. Where two or three gather in the name of social justice, there is a Council of Nicaea serving as implementer of dire and important dogma, the temporariness of which does not detract from the direness of the implementation, but makes it all the more passionate, high stakes, and extreme.

Prophetic Voices — Only those who are seen as being identified with an issue are permitted to speak on an issue. The idea that a straight white man could have a valuable opinion on racism, abortion, homosexuality, or hardship is anathema. Total self-censorship is recommended when speaking to those of less privilege, with only the most self-deprecatory statements considered permissible.

Sinners — Only those who can be shamed into accepting their own privilege are deemed sinners. Though the unrepentant will be pursued with a missionary zeal, refusal to publicly accept one’s role as a sinner largely excludes a person from the worst defilement the religion has to offer. A sinner must willingly accept his role as sinner. Any public apology makes one a sinner in the eyes of the social justice movement. The act verges on masochistic.

Once a sinner, always a sinner. In this regard, the public apology is a form of baptism that does not cleanse the soul, but opens it up to repeated defilement. The act of baptism is repeated over and over publicly as a show of humbleness and attrition (sorrow) but not contrition (remorse and penitence). 

There is no method of reaching contrition in this religion, and no attainment of forgiveness.

Satan — Those who refuse to accept the shame of their privilege are deemed Satan or sometimes “literally Hitler” or similarly extreme morally degrading and dehumanizing superlatives. To not accept privilege and to be humble in the face of it is the most vile act.

High Priest — The most oppressed person at any given time is most capable of being a high priest. Their role may quickly change with the ebb and flow of fads and trends. The role of god and high priest may be held by one individual.

Sanhedrin — The most hypocritical among the group is permitted to speak with the loudest voice. Having the loudest voice is enough to give one the power to sit in judgment of another. (**Prescription in the face of hypocrisy is unwelcome. Even description, like this, is certain to be met with ridicule. Unbiased description, like this is certain to be met with all sorts of ridicule.)


Works — To be loud-voiced is the ultimate work. To effectively weave in privilege in attack of others is the most effective form of hermeneutics. Reason is secondary to feeling, but not even a close second. Reason tends to provide interference to the proper execution of these religious duties and is unwelcome.

Tonsure — Body modification and food dye colored hair identify one as a true adherent.

Predestination — To be born with the greatest list of oppressive characteristics is to be among the elect. To be able to create a narrative of your own victimization confers a state of righteousness. There is, however, no path to salvation, there if only temporary status as a member of the elect, during which time you are derided by some as a sinner and lauded as a Saint by others, though in significantly higher proportion of Saint to sinner. Once you have lost this status, that proportion has shifted.

Forgiveness / Absolution — You are never forgiven. Anyone, at any time may bring up your privilege and, at the very least, send an army against you, or if you are properly trained, need only reference your privilege to cripple you with guilt. The priests of this religion do not release sin, they wield it in repeated flagellation. The privileged adherents of this religion are perpetual martyrs unable to redeem themselves or be redeemed.

Jesus — There is no Jesus. There is no messiah. There is no salvation. It never ends. The social justice movement is a satanic creation of hell on earth. One can never escape the hamster wheel on which a monster is always chasing you. Everyone will eventually be torn down. 

The predestined social justice warriors of the moment are just a trend-shift away from damnation. It is damnation for all involved, but the more privileged one is, the more damnation is available. From this perspective it is fair, since even though there may be phlegmatic and sudden damnation for all, the lowest level circle of this hell is saved for the most privileged.

The Fall — An angel’s fall from grace took place in the fall of 2015 and was magnified in the fall of 2016. This fall brought salvation for many non-adherents. It began sometime after June 16, 2015.

On that day, in a moment that could not be more fittingly symbolic, leaving his gold-gilded tower above Babylon that protected him from the realities of life known to the masses below, the angel descended to street level. Having not yet burst into flames, the angel, undeterred, tested fate further by descending to the subterranean layers of that golden tower of gilt, making an announcement to the world from below the surface of the earth.

On a national stage, Donald Trump, a formerly acceptable public figure, revered Saint, and minor angel within the religion openly rejected his status as Saint and angel. Despite his occasional challenges to the status quo, the angel associated with and supported Saints, archangels, and other revered figures of the religion, had guts, didn’t quite act like he wanted to fit in, and was beloved enough to be lauded in rap songs.

As he grew increasingly crass and outspoken, more and more unwilling to feel shame for his behavior, and certainly not willing to feel shame for his privilege, his fissure from the religion was assured. This was a pivotal moment for the religion. This one, fallen from grace, had turned on his heavenly matriarchs who he never realized himself to be under the protective power of.

Suddenly, many other non-adherents saw that freedom from this oppressive religion could be obtained by not caring. If one refused to feel shame, then the social justice god had no influence over you. If one refused to back down, the social justice god was shown to not actually be a god. One was not at risk of being struck down. Not to worry, reverberated the message, only a tiny fraction of the people in the world are this evil. Assurances were provided that the fallen angel would be proven inept and would either come back into the fold or would experience a prolonged and lonely banishment in his self-created isolation.

A second pivotal event took place, in which this heresy was proven far more popular than any adherent had realized, on November 9, 2016. This day is often referred to as “11/9” to signify how the evil of that day is similar in magnitude to, if not worse than, the mass murder of thousands of innocents that took place on 9/11.

On 11/9 “literally Hitler,” “literally Satan,” “literally racist,” and “literally evil,” achieved a victory over the righteous. But by a satanic trick, evil was able to win without being popular. This is the ultimate delegitimization of his evil. It was possible that if evil won with help from enablers of evil like Russia, or other Slavs that evil is “partial to”, a further delegitimization of his evil might occur.

This marks the saddest two days in the chapter of this religion, for which the dearest adherents remain, at once, on both a sense of heightened high alert and a state of mourning. Like all other aspects of this religion, this central tenet is able to be changed as capriciously as the weather. 


Pharisees — The more woke you are, the more influential you are. The Pharisees were both the officials of their religious community and among the chief hypocrites of their day. The woke are both the officials of their religious community and the chief hypocrites of their day.

Scripture — The books of the Bible are millennia-old. Social justice warriors have no appetite for anything time-tested. Feelings are their scripture. “Feelings are fleeting,” a wise person might warn. “Exactly,” would be the response of a social justice warrior. The morality of the religion is temporary and is identified by taking the temperature of the most woke within a group to determine the moral principles of the group at that moment. Where two or three are gathered in the name of social justice, there is a group big enough to determine morality for that moment.

Elders — The role of experienced, wise elders is replaced by outrage and outrageousness. To have strong feelings and to behave extreme in the midst of those strong feelings brings respect. Extremes of dress — in the case of a Muslim woman covering her head — is seen as more impressive and confers higher status. Extremes of ethnicity —such as being full-blooded American Indian — are seen as conferring higher status.

One need not even be genuine; to claim to truly identify as someone who you are not is sufficient. The more emotion this is done with, the more likely it is to succeed in achieving higher religious status. Notable is the case of Olympian Bruce Jenner, who came out identifying as a woman, but who suffered by falling out of favor, to some degree, because it became know he had an affinity for individual liberties and conservative politics — an obvious unwillingness to recognize his privilege and to publicly demonstrate his shame.

Experience is generally of limited value, as use of reason or experience when shared with others, risks being discredited as splaining or sometimes man-splaining, a serious offense. Experience is even derided as low value, a bias memorialized in popular sayings such as “Ok boomer,” intended to undermine experience in a clever way that will be noticed by peers as a justifiable silencing of a person who could only have obtained such experience through privilege.

Dogma — Diversity is an unquestioned and unquestionable dogma. Diversity must fit within a very narrow, seldom specified definition. Diversity of age is relatively undesirable when it includes the elderly. Diversity of race is undesirable when it brings more white people. There is not an acceptable non-zero number of white people. Diversity of thought is never appreciated. Diversity is the chief dogma of the religion.

End Times — The end of the world always stands in the distance through a constantly shifting narrative. It is currently interpreted as “extreme climate.” A host of extreme natural phenomena will signal that the end times, which are always only a single-digit number of years away, are soon upon us. The end times are not a battle between good and evil, sometimes referred to as Armageddon, that battle is currently in place.

If good wins, the end times will not come in a single-digit number of years. If evil wins, the end times will come in a single-digit number of years. There is no single method by which one is judged good or evil, but currently, if one can capture more carbon than the satanic are creating, that person may forestall the end times. That the end times do not arrive is proof that the adherents are winning.

Dispensation is given to popular people. They are not evil, otherwise they would not be able to market themselves so well and to be so beloved by those who are predestined.

Paradise — Once all privileged people are gone, the world will be a better place. Once all Satans and Hitlers are vanquished, the world will be a better place. The constantly shifting definition makes this attainment difficult, but does not prevent some from throwing themselves passionately into this religion.

Though all white people are clearly privileged, the ability for new privileges to be identified allows for this religion to continue its march toward perfection, even after all white people are exterminated.

Manna — Just print more money to pay the bills, just add more zeroes. No work is ever needed. No day of economic reckoning ever arrives. It’s like manna from heaven. It’s all free.

Christianity — While this religion has no official name, the title “Democratic Judgment,” or “De-Judge” for short, encompasses the mob-like nature of the temporary salvation and the mob-like nature of the immediate and repeated damnation, while emphasizing the important virtue signaling role that this religion has so little judgment, that it goes by the name De-Judge.

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