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mardi, 08 décembre 2020

The Reawakening of Myth - Selected Works by Boris Nad


The Reawakening of Myth

Selected Works by Boris Nad


Translated and Edited by Jafe Arnold and Zinka Brkić


In the common parlance of the modern world, “myth” is often taken to refer to something false, a foolish misconception, or the superstitions of primitive societies and archaic worldviews that have been discredited and overcome by secular, empirical reason. In The Reawakening of Myth, Boris Nad contends that nothing could be further from the truth. Sacred Myth, Nad sketches, is concerned with timeless realities which express fundamental principles, and the world’s mythologies are rich repositories of wisdom and experience touching the existential nerves of the human condition. Mythical forces, beings, and realities can and might very well have “withdrawn” from our line of sight, but they have not disappeared. Myth continues to express itself in history, whether we are conscious of it or not, and just as myths might seem to “withdraw”, so can they “return.”

The Reawakening of Myth gathers an unprecedented selection of Boris Nad’s meditations on Myth in different genres – from essays and commentaries to short stories, novels, and accounts of visionary experiences. Nad not only retells, investigates, and compares ancient myths across North, South, East and West, but goes further to envision how the conflicts and crises of the present might be deciphered in mythical terms. From the epics of ancient Greece and India to Christian visions of the End Times, from the mysterious lands of Hyperborea, Atlantis, and Agartha to modern geopolitics, from visions of prehistoric paradises to Postmodern dystopias, Boris Nad’s The Reawakening of Myth is an immersion into how Myth and the processes of “de-mythologization” and “re-mythologization” constantly affect our world, our history, and ourselves.


Table of Contents


Excerpt I – The Return of Myth

Excerpt II – The Crisis of the West

Excerpt III – Traveling to Agartha


Boris Nad (b. 1966) is a Serbian Traditionalist philosopher and the author of more than a dozen books of diverse genres. Born in Vinkovci, Slavonia and graduated from the University of Belgrade, since 1994 Nad has authored extensively on matters spiritual and geopolitical. Nad hosts the blog Arktogeja and writes regularly for the Serbian publications Pečat and Novi Standard as well as various international media. In addition, Nad is a member of the Eurasian Artists Association and a contributor to the conceptual-music project T.S.I.D.M.Z. He lives outside of Belgrade, Serbia.

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