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vendredi, 12 novembre 2010

Russia Is Drying up - Is a US-Climate Weapon Involved?


Russia Is Drying up – Is a US-Climate Weapon Involved?

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The Russian economy is expecting enormous losses because of the immeasurable heat that is raging in the central territories of Russia.
About 20% of all crops have been destroyed. In winter this may lead to a rise in prices. Moscow is enveloped in dark smoke that has been caused by fires raging in those territories. The prognoses of experts do not make it better. Droughts, severe storms and inundations will take place more frequently and will become more extreme.
Alexei Kokorin, head of the program “Climate and Economy in the Sector of Energy”, initiated by the ecologic foundation WWF,  declared that this tendency (drought) is not an accident and will recur.”1
“The declaration of the WWF speakers shows which direction the development of the climate is going to take. Nevertheless it is not a question of “global climatic warming” which is a subject discussed in many debates, i.e. scientific debates and pseudoscientific debates.2 The theory of “global climatic warming” has still to be proved, but the exceptional heat (which has broken out in Russia and in some neighboring territories) could have reasons that are neither natural nor scientific.
As early as in the seventies, the question of weather regulation (as one form of social regulation) has been raised  by Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book “Between Two Ages”. Of course, this classic author of American geopolitics had to reflect on the probability of how not only social, but also geo-politic systems are to be influenced by the climate. Other experts, too, seized this theme, even if information on the development of climatic weapons and the tests being conducted will probably never be published.
In 2000, Michel Chossudovsky, professor of economy at the University of Ottawa (Canada), wrote that a partial climatic change could be the result of the application of a new generation of “non-lethal weapons.” For several years Americans have been searching for opportunities to regulate the climate in various regions in the world. Such a technology is being developed in the framework of the High-frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP)3 and might be the cause of phenomena as for example droughts, hurricanes, and floods.
From a military perspective, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, an instrument serving to destabilize the agriculture and ecologic systems of certain regions.4 The technical basis of that program is an electromagnetic system which is built from 360 radio transmitters and 180 antennas whereof all are 22 meters high. The system  is designed to explore processes within the ionosphere.5
The station that radiates 3600 kilowatt into the sky, is the strongest installation world-wide to influence the global ionosphere.6
The program was started in 1990 and is financed by the Office of Naval Research and by the research laboratory of the US Air Force. Moreover, several important universities are participating.
All that prepared the ground for the breeding of rumours and presumptions. You may also laugh at the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez who attributed the earthquake in Haiti to HAARP (http://fondsk.ru/article.php?id=2755), but similar rumors were brought forward after the earthquake in the Chinese province of Sichuan in 2008. Moreover, there are several indications pointing to the  American  program  for climate changes as being systematic in some countries and even partially concerning the universe.

2902246885_small_1.jpgThus, for example, the American pilotless space machine X-37B was sent into the orbit with laser weapons on board, according to certain sources of information. The “New York Times” wrote that this news was vehemently denied by the Pentagon whose experts conceded that the machine was in fact actually designed for promoting military operations and for doing “subsidiary jobs”. 7 X-37­B had already been built in 1999 within the framework of a NASA program. Since 2006 the US Air Force has been dealing with this program, but its budget and its aims are strictly confidential.    •
Author: Dr Andrei Areschev is an expert working for the Foundation for Strategic Culture.
The opinion of the author does not need to correspond to that of Ria Novosti.
Source : RIA Novosti 30/7/2010, www. interaffairs.ru/read.php ?item=231      
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