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samedi, 12 octobre 2019

Thz Scandza Forum on Human Biodiversity: Oslo, November 2


Three weeks to go!
The Scandza Forum on Human Biodiversity: Oslo, November 2

Only three weeks to go!

On November 2, 2019, the Scandza Forum returns to Oslo, Norway, with an impressive list of speakers:

Kevin MacDonald, Professor Emeritus at California State University-Long Beach. He is the author of more than one hundred scholarly papers and reviews, and is the author of Social and Personality Development: An Evolutionary Synthesis (1988), A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy (1994), Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism (1998), and The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements (1998). He has also edited three books, Sociobiological Perspectives on Human Development (1988), Parent-Child Play: Descriptions and Implications (1994), and Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Development (2004). Cultural Insurrections, a collection of essays, appeared in 2008. In April 2015, Professor MacDonald spoke in Stockholm on the psychological mechanisms of pathological altruism [2], at an event organized by Fróði Midjord and Logik Förlag, and in the spring of 2017 he gave a speech at the first ever Scandza Forum.

Edward Dutton, PhD, is a British academic and writer based in northern in Finland. Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal Mankind Quarterly [3], Dr. Dutton is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and many scholarly books, most recently: At Our Wits’ End: Why We’re Becoming Less Intelligent and What It Means for the Future, Race Differences in Ethnocentrism, The Silent Rape Epidemic: How the Finns Were Groomed to Love Their Abusers, and Churchill’s Headmaster: The ‘Sadist’ Who Nearly Saved the British Empire. Dr. Dutton burst onto the vlogging scene in January 2019 with his growing YouTube channel, The Jolly Heretic [4]. This will be his first appearance on the Scandza Forum stage.

Helmuth Nyborg, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Aarhus. Among other things, Professor Nyborg has done research on the genetic heredity of intelligence and behavior, and he has written on “collective fraud” regarding the nature/nurture debate in academia. One of his debate articles in Danish mainstream media from 2016 is titled “Danishness – culture or biology?” Professor Nyborg has previously spoken at American Renaissance, and he appeared in an interview with Stephan Molyneux [5] on the topic of “Race, Genetics, and Intelligence.” This will be his second appearance at the Scandza Forum.

Greg Johnson, PhD in philosophy, is the founder and editor of Counter-Currents/North American New Right, former editor of The Occidental Quarterly, and is the author of numerous articles as well as ten books, including The White Nationalist Manifesto [6] (San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2018). Dr. Johnson is one of the leading intellectuals of White Nationalism and the Alternative Right, and he has spoken at every Scandza Forum.

Fróði Midjord, founder of the Scandza Forum, is host of the Guide to Kulchur podcast and YouTube channel [7], and is a regular participant on Counter-Currents Radio and an internationally appreciated conference speaker. Last year, Mr. Midjord spoke at seven conferences in five different countries.


Our theme for this event is Human Biodiversity, the suggestion that the diversity found among and between human individuals and populations has a significant basis in biology. Although the theory of evolution is well-established, for decades it has been taboo to apply evolutionary and biological explanations to human behavior, and especially to differences between human populations and races. Popular culture and the political mainstream today has implicitly assumed the “blank slate” theory as an axiom for what can be discussed in polite society.

One famous example of this is James Watson, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine 1962 for his groundbreaking research on DNA. In 2007 he told a newspaper that he was “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours — whereas all the testing says not really,” which would be an uncontroversial statement for anyone who is actually familiar with the research on the subject. However, the statement ignited a mass media witch-hunt which resulted in Watson selling his gold medal in 2014, because he had been ostracized from the scientific community.

During this event, we will break those taboos, speak freely on the “Nature vs. Nurture” debate, and discuss human diversity from an evolutionary perspective.


If you want to know more about our events, please watch any of my several appearances on podcasts and live streams where I have been interviewed about the Scandza Forum, including:


If you want to attend, please send us an email for information on how to proceed with the registration: info@scandzaforum.com [18]

Since we have two conferences coming up, remember to let us know which one you want to attend (you are also welcome to register for both events, of course).

Because we care about your safety, we have a vetting procedure to make sure that everyone attends with honest intentions. There are three ways you can get admission to the event, so remember to include the necessary information when you contact us:

  1. If you have attended one of our events previously. Make sure to make a note of this when you send us an email.
  2. Get a trusted person to vouch for you (i.e., vouch that you want to attend with honest intentions and that you will follow our security procedure). If you know someone who has attended a previous event, or otherwise knows us, let us know in your email. Remember to also ask that person to send me confirmation that he/she can vouch for you.
  3. Send us photo ID and some personal details (e.g., address/phone no./social media) that will allow us to verify your identity, so that we can make an evaluation. No anonymous registration is accepted.

This will be an unforgettable event – so make sure to register now!

Finally, I want to thank our supporters and donors – you know who you are. It is with their help that the previous Scandza forums were made possible, and that we now are able to move forward!

I am looking forward to seeing you all in Oslo on November 2.

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dimanche, 08 février 2015

75% des espèces comestibles cultivées ont disparu en à peine un siècle


75% des espèces comestibles cultivées ont disparu en à peine un siècle

Auteur : Camille Labro
Ex: http://zejournal.mobi

La biodiversité est en danger, et notre monde avec. Saviez-vous qu’en un siècle, 75% des espèces comestibles cultivées ont disparu (chiffres FAO) ? La société moderne a réussi à éradiquer des milliers de végétaux qui nous accompagnaient, et nous nourrissaient, depuis la nuit des temps.

Aujourd’hui, les multinationales semencières (Monsanto, Dupont, Syngenta, Limagrain, Bayer…) tentent de s’arroger le monopole des graines, pour privatiser le vivant et prendre le contrôle de ce que plantent agriculteurs et jardiniers, et, par ce biais, l’essence de ce qui nous fait vivre.

Alors que de tout temps, les paysans ont collecté, préservé, replanté et échangé leurs graines librement, l'Europe s'est inventée un catalogue officiel des graines autorisées – notamment de nombreux hybrides F1, qui ne se ressèment pas et doivent donc être rachetés chaque année par le cultivateur. Tout agriculteur qui plante autre chose et vend les fruits de sa production, est aujourd’hui considéré hors-la-loi.

La graine, c’est une chose minuscule, qu’on a tendance à négliger. Elle est même parfois perçue comme une nuisance : on jette les noyaux, on crache les pépins, on retire les germes. Pourtant, elle est fondamentale. Elle est à l’origine de la vie. Les industriels ne s’y sont pas trompés, qui fomentent depuis bientôt 30 ans leur mainmise sur le vivant à travers ces pépites organiques.

Mais il n’est pas trop tard. Face à eux, des gens se battent un peu partout. Militants philosophes et féroces, comme Vandana Shiva, la "diva verte" indienne, organismes luttant pour la "libération des semences", comme l’association Kokopelli, le réseau Semences Paysannes, les Incroyables Comestibles, Graines de Troc, ou encore le mouvement Colibris… Et aussi, envers et contre tout, une poignée de paysans amoureux de variétés anciennes, de leurs noms poétiques, de leurs formes biscornues et de leurs goûts délicieux. J’en parle autant que je peux dans mes pages…

Pour défendre la production, préservation et dissémination de graines fruitières et potagères traditionnelles, Philippe Desbrosses, pionnier de l’agriculture biologique et fondateur de l'association Intelligence Verte et de la ferme expérimentale de Sainte-Marthe, a lancé le projetGraines de Vie, qui propose à tout citoyen d’apprendre (gratuitement) à cultiver et préserver les graines, mais aussi à les répandre, et à répandre le savoir.

Pour plus d’informations, il suffit d’aller sur le site ici, où interviennent de passionnants défenseurs du sujet, comme Cyril Dion (Colibris), la réalisatrice Coline Serreau, le botaniste-écologue Jean-Marie Pelt et bien d’autres. Je vous invite vivement aussi à planter votre première graine en contribuant à leur campagne de financement participatif ici (il ne reste que quelques jours !).

« Comme l’eau ou l’air qu’on respire, les graines sont un bien commun de l’humanité, qui nous permet de vivre, dit Cyril Dion. Les privatiser, cela s’apparente à perdre une démocratie, car la démocratie, c’est avoir, collectivement, le contrôle de choses dont nous dépendons pour vivre. »

Alors, réveillons-nous, citoyens ! Et plantons, récoltons, partageons, disséminons furieusement, pour préserver la liberté et la diversité de notre planète, de nos assiettes et de nos vies.

- Source : Camille Labro