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jeudi, 23 février 2017

Discussion with Keith Preston on Pan-Secession


Discussion with Keith Preston on Pan-Secession

From Attackthesystem:

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Green in Pacific Northwest: New Europe (White Nationalist)
Black in Mississippi Delta: New Africa (Black Nationalist)
Brown along the southwest: Aztlan (Mestizo Nationalist)
Rose red in north center: Lakota (Native American)
Rose red in eastern Oklahoma: Eastern Oklahoma (Native American)

Light blue in north center: Dakota (Northern Christian State)
Light grey in south center: Kiowa (Southern Christian State)
Beige around Utah: Deseret (Mormon State)

Purple around New Hampshire: Libertarian Republic of New Hampshire
Green around Vermont: Vermont
Beige around Hawaii: Hawaii
Green around Alaska: Alaska
Orange around New York City: New York City
Hot purple around Texas: Texas

Purple around Colorado and Wyoming: Libertarian Republic
Dark Red around great lakes: Democratic States of America
Bright Red in northeast: Progressive States of America
Dark blue in southeast: Republican States of America
Yellow around west coast: Pacific Commonwealth

Light Blue along southeast coast: United States of America (rump state)

The names "Kiowa" and "Dakota" are based on native american tribes that used to live in those areas.

Deseret is the name of a state actually proposed by the Mormon Church in 1849, not something I just made up.

Though the names themselves aren't terribly important. They're more placeholders than anything else.

I made this map after hours of looking up religious, racial, and political statistics in maps and states. It also takes into account contiguity. I look at the size of general political nations, where they are most concentrated, and treat those areas as national regions.

I understand that libertarians (real libertarians, not people who say they are "socially liberal and fiscally conservative", but people who ACTUALLY ARE socially liberal and fiscally conservative), for example, while perhaps 7-8% of the US population, don't have a national region, or any area in which they are a majority. So we take the area where they are closest to a majority that is not best served in some other country, center their new nation on that area, and expand out from there based on the number of libertarians across the entire US.

If your brain is not subtle or nuanced enough to understand that, please just go away. Your input is NOT appreciated.

And I am NOT interested in some map your just pulled out of your ass in a single hour or so, or some pop-crap partition based on ecology or what you think people believe as opposed to what they actually believe.