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lundi, 06 décembre 2010

The Hermit Kingdom


The Hermit Kingdom


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North Korea is perhaps more than any other nation on Earth, completely out of step with our global cosmopolitan overlords. On some level, the fascination in racialist circles is understandable, as the regime is defiantly rejecting foreign influence, celebrating their shared identity, and (most importantly for us) embracing their racial heritage. It’s certainly presented in a distorted light by our government and media.

But North Korea really sucks. Kim Jong-il is hardly a fascist ruler in the Western tradition, with habits and hobbies more reminiscent of Mugabe than Mussolini. He’s a terrible steward of his people, indulging in the sort of material excess that Puff Daddy’s entourage would find embarrassing. For instance, when traveling through Russia on his own private train, he takes breaks for airlifted lobster dinners.

For all the talk of rejecting modernity, he’s a basketball fanboy who delighted in receiving a basketball signed by Michael Jordan on a state visit from Madeleine Albright. He’s seen more mainstream American movies than any of us have. His family’s attempt to replace his country’s traditional beliefs with a bizarre “cult of personality” is about as far from any Tradition as one can get.

However, as awful as North Korea is, and it’s about as awful as it gets, it has managed to retain its ethnic identity intact. It’s hard to say how much of this is actually due to ideology (his cultural tastes leave me skeptical). I suspect it’s for the same reason that my hometown has remained ethnically homogeneous: poverty.

Just as God strikes his favored females with ugliness to protect their virginity, he strikes his favored communities with poverty to protect their racial purity. Had the good people of Michigan chased Henry Ford out of the state with pitchforks and burned their factories to the ground, the state would still be a safe and solvent replica of its original settlers’ Nordic homeland.

South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China are increasingly under pressure to solve their “demographic problem” of growing old by swallowing the spider of third world immigration. North Korea has been under no such pressure. Even African war refugees would rather starve in a tent city in a tropical climate among their own than starve in North Korea.

As awful as North Korea is, the rising tide of color will part like the Red Sea around it. As awful as North Korea is and as maniacal as Kim Jong-il is, a nation that doesn’t do away with itself can redeem itself later. It can have a future. Fortunately, there’s no dichotomy here. We can borrow the one thing that North Korea’s doing right, then abandon our colonial holdings in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan so the Chinese won’t feel the need to prop up this madman and his buffer state.

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