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mardi, 22 juillet 2008

The Czech project "Delian Diver"


The Czech project “Delian diver”

(as explained at the Euro-Rus conference having taken place in Flanders on June 28th, 2008).

The introducing of “Delian Diver”

We regard our project as an unique attempt in the central European area, especially in the territory we are joint with- in concrete the countries of former Czechoslovakia, nowaday`s Czech and Slovak Republic. Our impulse for establishing such platform was the well founded perception of lasting informational vacuum in Czech Republic, a sort of artifically maintained status quo of “the death caused by silence”, which puts the bar on spreading the ideas of various thinkers of European Resistance Movement and information about varied identitary movements and organizations which operate all over Europe or are led by people of European descend overseas. Unfortunately this kind of informational vacuum includes the scope of  “nonconformist identitary underground” penetrated only by incomplete information and fragmentary news.

More than 40 years of darkness, informational and linguistic embargo has logically resulted in the impossibility of keeping the pace with actual European trends and ideas in the domains of no support by the oppresive communist regime and official massmedia.

We respect the freedom of speech regarding it as one of the most important values of  functional society, therefore we are not going to resort to newspeak bringing back the orwellian world, also we don’t respect any kind of either legal or non-written norms of political correctness and worshipping the liberal democracy as a “golden calf” in terms of  the evangel of its own kind within the rule of New World Order.

On the other side we don`t want to be “showly incorrect” just by reason of some “teenage” rebelion and negation. First of all our aim is to hold a free and open discussion involving European and global themes, bare of new prejudices of those who on the grounds of false fundamentals aim for their historical elimination. Nothwithstanding the fact that by proclaiming ourselves as “politically incorrect” we display our awareness of existence of something “politically correct”. There is just one truth and in accordance with Dr. Sunic we deem one of the main contemporary focuses is to clear the liberal lexical junk off our discursus.

We are the representatives of the nation of European civilisational sphere, which is exposed to situation being indisputably unique in the whole history of mankind- delegation of its power to the agents of  the global universalist doctrine striving for absolute uprooting of an individual from his natural structure and his effective enslavement by both open and latent covered methods. We are aware of  the succesful or unsuccesful attempts to exterminate the whole ethnic or broader civisisational entities in the course of history, but almost always it was the result of the pressure imposed on that entity by an external enemy, not of the dominating flagellatory suicidal voices from within.

Simultaneously we have been manipulated into the participation on the global conflict which doesn`t reflect our interests, moreover without the understanding of its causes and consequences. We refuse to tend blindly to the atlanticists` desire for distribution of liberal and and multicultural “worldwide hapiness key” irrespective of geographical, cultural and historical conditions, as like as we can`t bear to be the silent witnesses of spreading and enforcement of the alien authentic cultures and religions progressively gaining more and more influence at the European continent.

We would like to become a free platform of ideas whereby its objective is the rennaisance of European civilization and redefinition of its cultural essence in the environment of 21. century. In the age of new millenium the “long march” of hostile forces which had commenced centuries ago in conjunction with “fukuyamic” faith in the end of history and free thinking by reaching the longed-for absolute can bring the fatal results.

We found ourselves in the situation when we feel no shame to copy the well-proven methods of our ideological oponents in the effort to preserve our essence, for instance we are inspired by dateless analysis by Antonio Gramsci, who had highlighted the importance of seizing the cultural area of every society which implies political changes, not reversely.

First and foremost we will put our effort in self-education, cognizing of so far unrecognized and eventual transmitting of our conclusions to the territories, where the current situation is similar as in Czech Republic. Consequently some prolific discussions should happen, as well as creating of vital and reasonable ideological doctrines.

It is extremely difficult to be successful in the contest for the “reconquiste” of Europe without any intellectual groundwork widely influencing the socio-cultural sphere. We welcome any prospective political layouts getting inspiration in our activities, in that case they will be provided with our support, but as we have already suggested, Delian Diver strictly rejects to take part in real institucional politics.

Although we feel loyality to our nation and are bound with its interests, there is no way for isolationism in Europe of our age. A solitary nation hardly survives without strong bonds of common civilizational values. Therefore we would like to contribute to the process of creating strong, long-lasting and productive relations within Euro-Russian territorry, one of our main targets is to provide our help and support to the representatives of other European countries, who share our views and would like to establish a similar ideological platform. First and foremost we are focused on neighbouring Slovakia, which has been the closest country to Czech Republic in terms of culture and history in the central European area.

Situation after 1989

In 1989 the rigid Bolshevik communism had been “withdrawn from circulation” in accordance with the worldwide pattern (respectively its post 68´ model of  “real socialism“) Reigning marxism-leninism had been defeated by liberalism (its illusory ideological enemy and counterpart), this ideology was considered as an inprospective and obsolete doctrine. There a massive boom of interest in democratic political activities was regarded for the reason of people`s faith in almightiness of parliamentary democracy and its mechanisms ensuring the development of  plurality of public views without the surveillance of state censorship. The ideology of egalitarian multicultural liberalism has prevailed.

Even in the field of pro-national politics we could have traced back the exeptional growth of activities, say in two waves: the first one, straight after 1989, where an anticommunist and patriotic enthusiasm prevailed, the second one took place in 90`s as a result of social shocks (which happened due to unruly privatisation of the state assets, collapses of the big state owned companies and uncontrolled tunneling of newly founded bank institutions) and implied a mass disillusion. Unfortunately even despite this disillusion has deepened  mainly due to pompous arrogance of Czech government which recognized the puppet state of Kosovo and agreed upon the American bid to install a radar in our territory, there hasn`t been taken advantage of potential for progressive mobilization against the System which still exists from now on.

Whom to blame?

Various subjects (either political parties, movements, its coalitions or civic corporations) have been established just for their future dissolution which seemed to be inevitable after the first particular unsuccess. The reasons have been mainly the personal profiles of the involved persons, unsophisticated populist ideas or the struggle of fractions in the process of permanent splitting for the inability to settle even on the basic consensus.

Delian Diver is not going to reiterate the old mistakes of then leading subjects possesed ambitions in real politics, we are walking down the different way.

Now let`s analyse out the repetitive blunders and conclude an answer to this fundamental question – What to do?

The questions which must be asked by a person willing to be involved in European Resistance Movement are:

1.       Does it make any sense to work within the framework of the System and political structures?

Our clear answer is – NO! We are not willing to make compromises in the name of sleazy populism and our atractiveness in the eyes of masses, also our desire is not to abide party`s directives and bylaws which in fact reflect only the selfish effort of the political parties` representatives longing for the lucrative posts in the limelight of glory and personal prosperity. Their goals don`t match the ours, as their real effort is to eliminate the other competitors of similar interests.

We prefer quality over quantity and substantiality over emptied form, what means we have got no ambitions to embark on political stages just as the next prophets of the only universalist truth having the cure to salve the material needs of majority. Our focus is not the parliament, posts in the council of administrators assured by servile loyality to the real agents of “democratic” politics- the global capital or constituting the purpose-built alliances with our oponents just for temporary pragmatic reasons.

We have chosen the non-parliamentary way by creating the independent intellectual platforms  engaged in the structures of system on a minimum scale respecting just the basic legal framework (like the norms embedding the founding of civic corporations, conducting the accounting procedures, also the elimination of any violent conduct is a must by any means)

These independent and radical intellectual platforms should clearly stand up against:

-          all pro-national political parties and movements which haven`t ever brought any real effect and its former ideological clarity and drive has merged into the swamps of democratism

-          the representatives of the “old right” which have commited themselves to the excesses of nacism or longing for “good old times”

-          the neoconservative vision of an inevitable connection between defending Europe against islamisation and defending Israel and his interests proclaiming the Jewish culture is an integral part of the European civilisation

Just by this strict rejection of current System we can avoid the assured organisational decay, create the new inspiring cultural environment and lead the European Resistance Movement out of the intellectual ghetto.

2.       How should these platforms be created and operated?

The European resistance movement needs to preserve its figting power and avoid the common mistakes which can cause the final failure. The key lies in an imminent touch between its members, whose communication is based on personal bonds. The basics are:

-          intentional rejection of operating within the structures of the System- in particular at the political stage which contains all the risk factors resulting in failures- wide, vertically organised, financially demanding structure, which is open to public for it can be easily infiltrated by the agents of the System

-          the absence of large-scale organizational structure which can be controlled and influenced by the System and vulnerated by the pressure imposed on it by its ideollogical opponents

-          the absence of vertical organizational structure which obstructs the excessive personal ambitions which can be secretly used to act against the whole by the opponents

-          minimal financial demandingness of the platforms` establishing, which enables their quick forming and minimizes the possibility of “financial infiltration” by the individuals or groups acting according to System`s agents` or ideological opponents` interests

-          tactical dropping of  the old phraseology automatically branded as rasist and compared to nazists` racial theories and virulent antisemitism (reduction ad Hitlerum). The reforming of  the European resistance movement`s discursus does by no means signify we have diverged of the main objective: the contest for preserving of the European physical, cultural and spiritual heritage. The newly defined discursus primarily means assuring the mistakes of the past won`t be commited again

3.       What forms should these platforms possess?

By abandonement of the collaboration with the System`s elements in the form of political participation on the distribution of power, organizational structure and obsolete phraseology these platforms are open to various intellectual sources of ideas whose goals can match those of European resistance movement even despite possible differences between each other.

Communication, inter-personal cooperation and multilingual presentation within the scope of broader platform (geographically in Euro-Russian territory, culturally in every area where people of European descent live – USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, etc.) can be considered as a growing necessity (and conditions sine qua non) of resultful activities.

This strategy can be implemented by these platforms in the form of student clubs, discussion groups, circles of readers, virtual blogs and any other meaningful microcommunity (hereby we would like to highlight the role of women within this movement, environmental activities, revitalization of the ancient religious systems, etc.)  These cultural patterns create the sources of maintaining and expressing the European Resistance Movement`s ideas.

4.       What is the role of an individual in this process?

It is not an imminent urgency to create just the platforms, the activities within the framework of European Resistance Movement can also acquire the shape of individual cultural protest against “spirit of the age”. The mutual cooperation and the exchange of ideas between these platforms and “forrest walkers” (or „partisans of modern age”) contribute the cells of resistance to create and maintain themselves and to infiltrate the domains, where are not expected by the System which has not been prepared for their presence and activities yet.

5.       What does “European Resistance Movement” mean?

The network of cooperating platforms creates the substrate for the brand new movement – European resistance movement. Eventually this movement will be working as an interconnection between various groups, platforms and individuals, who will share the collective identity endeavouring for the change of current social climate and restitution of the European society`s organic structures (cultural, social and mental).

It is inevitable at least for leading groups and individuals to gain the ideal identity and background which can be formed as the result of  intellectuals` debates, proclamations and essays. There is no shame for us to admit we are not afraid to copy the deconstructional tactics commonly applied by our ideolocical opponents, especially by:

-          defining and labelling the enemies of European Resistance Movement

-          recognition and description of pros and cons of our ideological opponent`s identities

-          the analysis and deconstruction of this intellectual identity

-          proposals for changes of social climate and reconstruction of an organic system

6.       How are these platforms supposed to cooperate?

As it has already been suggested the basic is a proximate contact between its members, in the international scope we can cite one of the conclusions drawn at the conference called “The White World`s Future“ held in Moscow in 2006- „the imminent contact has been made via internet, by creating the webportals, personal blogs and through the participation on the international conferences, education trainings and meetings.”  

It is simply not possible to embrace the whole matter just in one speech, therefore after setting this primary process off there are more crucial topics to be discussed at further conferences refered to creating the System`s antipodes by establishing the paralel structures and institutions (for instance home schools, other educational institutes and possibly universities, economically autarchic communities, as for internet activities the creating of self-publishing houses, holding virtual exhibitions, etc.)  

Sic semper tyrannis!

Delian diver´s team.



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