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lundi, 23 novembre 2009



February 19, 2009

By Joe Priestly / http://bnp.org.uk

It seems like every day brings with it a new and significant development and always more evidence of the conspiracies and cock-ups of Brown and co. It’s impossible to keep pace with events – this feels like meltdown. Nothing works and nothing makes sense; reality is catching up with the liblabcon fantasy.

Over the past sixty years or so the liblabcons have been spinning a web of lies to justify the destruction of British culture and the genocide of the British people. Their common purpose is to remake Britain as a society consisting of peoples and cultures from every corner of the earth. The responsibility for putting in place the final pieces of this multicultural jigsaw fell to the New Labour government, ably supported of course by the ‘opposition’. The economy was the key. It was essential that people had money to spend on the latest distractions. Hence the government-sponsored credit boom; it was a smokescreen behind which they hid our demise.

They didn’t want us to trouble ourselves with concerns about immigration, Islam, asylum, education, crime, the EU… just in case we came to the wrong conclusion. So they gave us easy credit and unbridled consumerism and added the big match and the soaps to stop us thinking about what really matters.

But a financial storm blew away their easy-money smokescreen and left the liblabcons with nowhere to hide. People are now counting their pennies and thinking less about hi-tech toys and the latest Big Brother controversy and more about the state of the nation and its impact on their lives and futures. They’re waking up to the mess that the liblabcons have made of this country.

The establishment is ideology-led and has convinced itself that nature can be moulded to fit its plan. And it’s this thinking that’s brought Britain to its sorry state. But perhaps it had to come to this. Maybe nothing short of crisis would have woken us from our slumber – that is the British way isn’t it? It seems to me though that we’re waking up now. What’s that they say about the problem being the catalyst for its own solution? And we can see it in action in the increasing number of people who are making the connection between the ideology and its manifestations.

The establishment is founded on a lie so monumentally absurd that it’s spent all its life lurking between the lines and only ever appearing as hint and suggestion. Stripped of all its camouflage the bare-faced lie is that the genocide of the British people is good for the British people – little wonder they had to sugar-coat it with a billions tending towards trillions credit boom.

But that alone wasn’t enough. It was necessary also for them to rework every aspect of society to discourage dissent and to encourage the British people’s acquiescence in their own genocide. It worked for a long time and that and the booming economy encouraged the liblabcons to think that the good times would last forever and that their transformation of Britain would proceed unnoticed.

That was then; the party finished a while back. Post party, in the cold light of a looming depression, the changes imposed on Britain are not all that their liblabcon architects had painted them to be. What they said would be utopia looks increasingly like chaos – and that’s before the lights start going out. The consequences of the lie are beginning to be felt and it’s dawning on British people that the reality of the lie is their destruction.

And as Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels* observed, “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the state can shield the people from the political (and) economic… consequences of the lie.” And he should know. The British political and media establishment used the credit boom to soften the impact of its ideology on the population; they encouraged people to focus on personal gain while they got on with the job of creating 21st century multiracial multicultural Britain. But the boom has turned to bust and their lie is there for all to see.

Politicians, power brokers, celebrities, and mainstream media-types have staked their reputations (read fortunes) on their sick lie and its bastard child multiracial multicultural Britain. The maintenance of the lie is all that separates them from ruin; without it they’d be irrelevant. They are the status quo and everything they do is aimed at holding that position; they have no choice but to maintain the lie. But now the spend fest is over. The cupboard is bare and winter approaches; the liblabcons have run out of the means to shield the British people from the consequences of the lie. The reality of mass third world immigration is upon us.

If we take fact as truth then a lie is a deliberate distortion of fact. In respect of mass immigration and its impact on British society the establishment distorts the facts so as to paint a positive picture of its creation the multiracial multicultural society. But the nearer a disaster looms the more it is recognised for what it is, irrespective of official explanations. Ignoring facts doesn’t make them go away nor does it diminish their truth.

The establishment lost the argument years ago and their position now is entirely dependant upon those members of the population that remain indifferent to politics and politicians until they impact on them personally. But the collapse of consumerism and the maturation of the multiracial multicultural society is encouraging even the formerly indifferent to pay attention to the shenanigans of people in power. The establishment sold out for short term advantage and the short term is almost up; the theft of a nation from under the noses of its people isn’t something that can go unnoticed forever. The British people are waking up to the liblabcons’ crimes.

Having distorted the facts for six decades the British establishment is in no position to face them. Facing facts will expose the lie and their world will come crashing down. Britain is a multiracial multicultural society because the establishment ignored the facts; in spite of the fact of the chaos of third world multiracial multicultural societies, Britain’s political and media elite facilitated the importation of millions of third world aliens into our midst as part of a plan to make Britain into such a society. Now the predictable is happening; multiracial multicultural chaos is playing on our streets.

Of course they never would have predicted it. Their world view, their equality dogma, prohibits any such prediction. And whereas a growing number of the rest of us are coming to believe that the liblabcons were negligent in failing to anticipate the chaos that would accompany mass third world immigration, the liblabcons continue the charade of the multiracial multicultural society as utopia – in the face of growing evidence to the contrary. You’ve got to laugh.

The liblabcons put me in mind of a kind of circus act that I saw on TV years ago but haven’t seen since. I don’t know what it’s called but it involved spinning plates (crockery) on canes. Those that know what I’m talking about please hum along for a moment while I explain for those that don’t… A number of canes (at a guess about 50) is set vertically and fixed at the lower point, the ‘artist’ gyrates each cane in turn and sets a plate spinning on the upper point so that it balances under its own momentum, he does the same with each cane until each has a plate spinning on it. He then attempts to maintain this equilibrium by moving from one cane to another to tend to those plates in danger of slowing beyond the critical and crashing to the floor. In a short while his movement has become a rush from one cane to another as the plates lose momentum faster than he can maintain it. And then the inevitable happens. First one plate then another and another until almost in unison the rest crash to the floor.

Their situation is analogous to that of the circus artist upon the realization that the inevitable is, well, inevitable. The plates haven’t yet all crashed to the floor but they’re going to. Like the circus artist the liblabcons have created something that can’t be maintained but unlike him they can’t just throw up their hands and walk away from the crashing plates; they’ve got far too much invested in keeping things spinning for as long as possible.

But in a meltdown everything goes wrong. And the liblabcons’ frantic effort to keep their metaphorical plates spinning merely draws attention to the illogic of setting them spinning that way in the first place. Our economy and our society aren’t working because they’re founded on an ideological fallacy, universal equality and the theory of the interchangeability of man. Yet the liblabcons’ solutions to the problems caused by their way of thinking is yet more of the same; they’re trying to solve society’s problems with the same thinking that created them. And they’re beginning to look ridiculous because of it; every time they open their mouths they contradict themselves. Their world view is in meltdown, and yet it looked so good on paper – or so they used to say.

To paraphrase Karl Marx, Marxism is collapsing under the weight of its own contradictions. There’s so much going wrong now in this country that our establishment and its idiotic thinking are permanently under the spotlight and both are being revealed as barrels of contradiction. That’s why no liblabcon type will ever stand his ground – they haven’t got a coherent argument so they avoid argument. It’s a variation on the no-platform theme. Even establishment media persons are shuffling their feet away from liblabcon egalitarianism. The lie is being found out and every time an establishment mouthpiece attempts a cover up they succeed only in shoving their foot further down their throat. Everything they do is founded on a lie and the lie is being undone by its own contradictions.

British society today is a manifestation of liblabcon equality ideology. The alienation that we feel is a consequence of society following the incoherent ideology of egalitarianism, which quite literally doesn’t make sense. It is smoke and mirrors and it’s survived to this point, since WWII, on a combination of bullying, bullshit, and brass neck. It’s bullied, bullshit, and brass necked its way to intimidating the rest of us into going along with its world view. But in spite of the power of its ‘followers’, equality ideology has never convinced more than a committed few. Tolerance of its ‘inherent contradictions’ requires a dedication far beyond the means of most people; the majority of those that go along with equality ideology do so because it’s the direction of least resistance.

The reality is that equality ideology has a fundamental weakness; it lacks continuity. Its argument is riddled with inconsistencies and so its proponents always seek refuge in vagueness. These people need plenty of room for manoeuvre.

Yet their room for manoeuvre is shrinking. It’s becoming clearer by the hour that the problem is the liblabcons and their equality thinking – the logical conclusion of which is the state of Britain today, economically, socially, and spiritually. Having created this mess, the establishment is now in the unfortunate position of not only having to defend it but to promote it as well. And so naturally incoherence features in every aspect of everything that the establishment does and says. Whatever the policy, whatever the department, whatever the statement, you know it won’t make sense. There are countless examples of the idiocy of liblabcon thought in action; three which immediately come to mind are free movement of labour, the incarceration of immigrants, and the Afghanistan ‘war’.

In their blind pursuit of ‘equality’ the liblabcons sanctioned the free movement of labour and in so doing signed away this country’s right to favour its own workers on its own soil over foreign workers on its soil – surely the most treasonable act ever committed. I wonder if they think they’re going to get away with that one forever. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, from the liblabcons’ long term health point of view that is, by severing their commitment to their own population they sort of compound their problems by effectively making themselves redundant. If they’re not there to represent our interests what exactly are they for? Is that what they mean by an unintended consequence, or was it intended and part of a conspiracy of extreme subtlety? I can never work out whether their determination to have us see them as lying, idiotic, thieving, hypocritical, treacherous cowards is due to incompetence or whether it’s part of a cunning plot that’s beyond my wit to understand.

It seems to me they’re paying the price of living a lie and the lie is coming back to haunt them.

Having said that, I’m sure I could put the case for the liblabcons better than they do. Consider the gaga they offer in explanation for the statistical over-representation of ethnic minorities in prisons and in secure mental health institutions. You don’t need me to tell you what it is – they parrot the Marxist line, that these inequalities of outcome are a consequence of the racism of the criminal justice and mental health systems. Any other explanation would set in motion a train of thought that leads back to the source of the problem, equality dogma and its application; the Marxists’ intention is to set the train of thought on a wild goose chase after whites as the cause of the problem. It’s the easy option and it’s the only one that doesn’t question their insane world view.

But there’s a nice irony in this; their explanation is a perfect example of the inconsistency it was intended to disguise. For them the problem is not the equality idea but opposition to the idea. And so every explanation they offer for any of society’s problems must always be tailored to protect the easily bruised equality idea. It’s this that has them tripping over their own feet.

Ethnic minorities are over-represented in prisons and mental hospitals either because they’re more inclined to criminality and mental health problems or because they’re not treated the same as the majority population. If it’s not one it’s the other. And that’s a no brainer for the establishment whose equality dogma dictates that ethnic minorities can never be the cause of any problem. The problem therefore is the majority population. It’s that catch-all again, racism, the only explanation that doesn’t question the equality idea.

But it’s here they get their wires crossed. According to them the criminal justice system is racist because it treats ethnic minorities differently from ethnic Britons, and the mental health system is racist because it treats ethnic minorities the same as ethnic Britons and fails to take into account cultural and ethnic difference in behaviour when diagnosing mental illness. Doesn’t that just sum up these gibbering liblabcon wrecks? The criminal justice system is racist because it discriminates; the mental health system is racist because it doesn’t discriminate.

They’re less concerned with the soundness of their argument than they are with arriving at the right conclusion; equality ideology must never be seen to be a problem. All their roads lead to racism.

The “racism” accusation began as a tactic, it developed into a strategy, and now it looks increasingly like a last ditch effort. You can tell they’re no longer comfortable with it, it’s like they’re suddenly aware that British people are sick to death with the accusation and contemptuous of its argument. But when liblabcon backs are against the door – it’s either racism or the admission that their thinking has been wrong all along.

Nothing they say makes sense because their argument is founded not on hard facts but on wishful thinking. Their explanations run contrary to the facts and as the facts become clearer so do the holes in the explanations. That’s what’s happening now; the reality of the multiracial multicultural society is hitting home and the liblabcons’ equality/diversity sweet talk is at such odds with the facts that it’s encouraging the scepticism it’s designed to stop.

Consider the conflict in Afghanistan: The establishment is putting our soldiers’ lives on the line in Afghanistan allegedly to protect Britain from terrorism yet at the same time it keeps Britain’s borders open to any Tom, Dick, or Harry who cares to cross them. Anybody else see the contradiction here? Yet the liblabcons don’t get it – their idiotic ideology won’t allow them to.

 They’re in denial. It’s a common response to overwhelming collapse. They’re taking the only option open to them, they’re burying their faces in their comfort blankets and singing nursery rhymes about joy and diversity. Liblabcon thought is reaching its logical conclusion – illogicality. They’re in meltdown.

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