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vendredi, 30 septembre 2011

Syrians Resist US Interventionism

Syrians Resist US Interventionism


Lost in the lurid and pornographic reporting of the "horrors" of the Syrian government resisting a Turkish/US/Mossad-led insurrection is the fact that the vast majority of the Syrian population, by now experienced in the difficult art of balancing competing interests in the pursuit of peace, are disgusted by the undisguised interventionism of the US administration on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist elements engaging in a brutal and bloody battle against the relatively inclusive and secular regime of the certainly far from perfect mild mannered eye doctor, Assad. So the Western press will present today's news that the average Syrian registers with a rotten tomato shower his opposition to the US ambassador's overt interventionism on behalf of foreign-backed armed rebels seeking to overthrow the secular Assad regime with a sneer to signal how horrible and oppressive the regime is and how illegitimate its supporters are. Who the hell has the right to resist the US-funded Arab Spring???

Lenin smiles on the US/Israeli/Turkish strategy of promoting extremism and anti-Christianity in Syria to justify further US interventionism and possibly Israeli/Turkish land invasion. And what is most vulgar and troubling is to see organizations claiming an antiwar orientation nevertheless reporting uncritically unsubstantiated claims of one-sided regime attacks against "protestors" without even mentioning in passing the armed and murderous attacks of same opposition groups on the regime and any civilian supporter in bullets-range. It is pure post-modern "democracy promotion" a la Peter Ackerman and the color revolution crowd (why do the foreign news cameras turn off once the glorious people's revolutions produce a result so in tune with the desires of the ancien régime? Seen any Tunisia news lately?). By the way, has anyone wondered why Ackerman avoided jail when the superior Milken was held for far too long?

But those of us interested in the kind of freedom and liberty that is set free by truth are also disgusted by the unsubstantiated but nevertheless pornographically lurid reports of this or that "demonstration" wherein a number of security personnel are brutally murdered. And now that the Western intelligence connections of the biggest Arab Spring cheerleader Al-Jazeera are laid bare will anyone begin connecting the dots and question conventional wisdom, or are we more braindead than those under Soviet domination who at least knew that they were fed a steady diet of lies by the regime and embraced mental bulimia as a rational response?

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