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vendredi, 11 septembre 2020

The New Axis: Berlin-Warsaw-Moscow-Bejing?


The New Axis: Berlin-Warsaw-Moscow-Bejing?
by Konrad Rekas
Ex: http://oneworld.press
In fact, the axis from Berlin through Warsaw to Moscow and Beijing, the continental bridge that realists wrote about, who saw geopolitical and geoeconomic benefits and obviousness – this is the future.

What is the lesson from the anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact? That it was the Polish minister Józef Beck who could and should sign a pact with Molotov or Ribbentrop, and preferably with both - instead of sitting like this… believing in "Western guarantees".

Do Not Count On The Mistakes Of Others By Making Our Own

Poland has focused on the German-Russian conflict many times in its history, most often not supporting either side, but the forces that provoked these clashes. And despite the immediate benefits - it was a strategic Polish FAULT, which had to be based on the hope that one of our great neighbours would also make a mistake and act against their own geopolitical interests. Such a mechanism took place, for example, on the eve and during the Great War, which MUST be an almost successful suicide both for Russia and Germany - because that was the reason why it broke out. A similar situation happened in World War II, when Hitler, in turn, not only betrayed Nazism by selling it to great capital, but also tried to deny the geopolitical destiny of Germany, causing a war only in the interest of the Anglo-Saxons and for their rule over the World. Par excellence, therefore, both the Russian mistake in World War I and the German fault in World War II temporarily paid off for Poland - however, in the first case, almost only because there was simply a season to appoint small and weak national transition states in Central Europe as a necessary stage of reaching World Government (i), and in the second case, we were shielded by the scale of the Soviet victory and the suspension by communism of further geopolitical and civilization processes for less than half a century.

For the truth, the German-Russian alliance, or more broadly the Euro-Eurasian alliance, is the most obvious thing in the World, and it is by no means true that this is a deal, without exception, that can only deadly for the very existence of Poland. Well, that is, this is deadly, but only in a situation where Poland itself assumes the absurd role of the Trojan horse of Atlantism, deliberately acting against its own geopolitical determination. If we, Poles, stop considering as our historical mission to counteract the absolutely necessary combination of the potential of Europe and Eurasia - then we will become BENEFICIARIES, and not a hindrance to this process, which is also profitable for us.

China: A Necessary Fulfilment To Eurasia

Equally evident, but more recent date, is the geopolitical falsehood of the conflict with China, which seems to be the dominant economic power of Asia, and is our natural partner, not an enemy, for Poland and the whole of Central Europe, thus providing an opportunity to escape the trap of medium development and investment, barely keeping us alive, but transferring profits outside our country. And it does not matter for such an emerging natural European-Russian-Chinese alliance that historically China had moments in its long history, or rather makings, when the periodic advantage of the mercantile factor could make it the Ocean Empire. However, there has always been an introverted withdrawal to the Continental areas and the return of the domination of the political factor over the trade factor, typical for this formation.

Now the situation might only look different. But is it really bad? Let us remember, however, that such as United States had all the data to not go Alfred Mahan’s way, but to remain an alternative Continent, that is China has this comfort in the opposite direction to some extent. Their real return to Zheng He’s routes does not have to deny Eurasianism, but only supplement its formula.

Anyway, the Eurasian choice of Europe (including Poland) would be a salvation for all of us from the burdensome American dependence and the destruction of suicide, which for the Old Continent were two World Wars, and for Poland a joyful appearance in the Second one as a pretext, a spark, and the first a victim of a conflict that artificially divides (our) natural allies. In fact, the axis from Berlin through Warsaw to Moscow and Beijing, the continental bridge that realists wrote about, who saw geopolitical and geoeconomic benefits and obviousness – this is the future. Let us not repeat the mistakes of our ancestors, let us not ignore the reality that is happening around us. Whenever we went against our geopolitical destiny in history, only sacrifice and destruction awaited us. It is high time to change that.

(i) Nota bene, on the eve of the Great War, Russia was planning to give Poles independence, because it was already fed up with us, and its ruling spheres felt a deep reluctance to think about joining more lands inhabited by Poles. In addition, the Russians finally found a partner, in the form of Polish National-Democracy, to whom they could leave Poland - both in the conviction of the unity of interests and the durability of such governments in reborn Poland, more reliable than conservatives deprived of social support. This has been a theme that has been running in Polish-Russian relations for 300 years. Already Catherine II, sending Nikolai Repnin to Poland as her ambassador, instructed him: "We need reliable Poles!". And nothing has changed since the times of the Great Empress...

By Konrad Rękas
Polish journalist

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