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mercredi, 08 avril 2009

The Solutrean Hypothesis - Ice Age Colombus

The Solutrean Hypothesis - Ice Age Columbus


“Ice Age Columbus”
- Get this DVD and show it
to All Your Friends and Family!

You’re missing out if you haven’t yet watched “Ice Age Columbus - Who Were the First Americans?”

If tens of millions of our White kinsmen see this amazing DVD, our people’s coming to their senses will be significantly accelerated. The astounding new scientific discoveries that “Ice Age Columbus” contains have the potential to cut years off of the fatal and frustrating WAIT for our fellow Whites to become sufficiently energized and informed to fight for our survival as a race.

You can buy “Ice Age Columbus” by calling The Discovery Channel Store at 1 800 475-6636. Ask for product #740597. The Discovery Channel website is at
Discovery Channel store [2].

I’ll be putting up many more posts in this thread describing every scene of this long DVD movie/documentary, but let me summarize what it contains.

BBC article [3]

As you watch this revolutionary DVD, you will follow two parallel narratives. One narrative is a series of interviews with the world’s top scientists on the migration they have proved took place 17,000 years ago. The other narrative is a complete movie dramatization using actors and computer graphics of the HIGHEST quality to SHOW a clan of our White ancestors making the epic first journey to the New World by humans.

The scientists are completely convincing (and brilliant) in their narrative. The actors and animators are completely convincing (and brilliant) in their narrative. Any White person who sees “Ice Age Columbus” will be convinced by them.

The actors and scientists portray our Solutrean ancestors as noble, smart, resourceful, tenacious, brave, and admirable. The actors look JUST LIKE US! There are no “caveman” beards or ooga-ooga to make these brave voyagers look different or alien from us.

Here is an all-too-brief outline of the proofs that we came to America 17,000 years ago, 6,000 years before any Asians:

1. The Solutrean spear points found everywhere in Southwestern France and Spain EXACTLY match the “Clovis” spear points which have been found across America. These “Clovis” blades are proved to be the oldest artifacts ever found in the New World. The show begins with a close-up zoom onto a 17,000-year-old spear point that has been found in Virginia. It is a Solutrean spear/knife blade. You can see it. And, more importantly, the world’s top scientists (white guys, of course) in the field are sure of it. And they tell you this in the DVD.

2. The ONLY way that the very unique, very skilled Solutrean flint-knapping technology could have gotten to America is that somebody had to BRING it with them.

3. No Solutrean-type point has ever been found in Asia. Anywhere. Ever.

4. Solutrean points are everywhere in France and Spain.

5. Exactly at the SAME 17,000-year-old date as the appearance of Solutrean blades in Virginia, the North Atlantic was covered by a 30-foot-thick solid sheet of ice that stretched in a giant arc from Southwestern France to the (above water then) Grand Banks of North America. The ice-age ocean was 500 feet lower than it is today. Coastlines extended much further as a consequence.

6. Solutrean caves (like the Lascaux caves of France) show that Solutreans hunted seals. Seals lived on and under that great ice sheet. Seal meat, seal hide, seal bone, and seal fat provide everything needed to make the journey.

7. In addition to the previously unknown vast ice sheet stretching solid from France to Newfoundland, new super-computers show that there was a very fast (4 miles per hour) [b]counter eddy[/b] that floated huge broken rafts of the broken sea ice westward from Europe to North America like a giant people-mover. Solutreans stuck on these huge blocks were quickly moved across the North Atlantic. They had already mastered the technology of surviving in super cold back in France, where a worsening Ice Age was driving them to starvation in extreme cold.

8. The Solutreans’ best source of the meat they desperately needed to survive was seals out along the vast arc of sea ice.

9. The Solutreans could easily make skin boats that were big and adequate to the journey.

10. The Solutreans got water from melting sea ice with burning seal fat, which gave them a heat source.

11. American geneticists have proved that a unique DNA haplogroup marker that they have found present in some American Indian DNA must have come from the only other place it is found….in Europe. And thus, Europeans had to bring it. They have also shown that this haplogroup DNA is 17,000 years old.

There are dozens more revolutionary discoveries like these above that I don’t have time to list right now. But others in this thread, who have seen the DVD (or the TV show) can describe them in subsequent posts, as I will too.

Anyway….here’s the concluding point: [b]this DVD, “Ice Age Columbus”, might be the most important White Nationalist educational tool on DVD in years[/b]. The scientists don’t need to be White Nationalists. Who knows what their racial views are. The important thing is that the FACTS they have discovered ARE White Nationalist facts.

Stan Hess tried to get copies of this DVD, and initially encountered a suspect disappearance of “Ice Age Columbus” from the Discovery catalog. But repeated calls and orders to Discovery appear to have brought this masterpiece of science and film-making back into the catalog, so that you can order it too. I’ll look up the price for you in one of my next posts.

Article printed from Altermedia Canada: http://ca.altermedia.info

URL to article: http://ca.altermedia.info/sciences/the-solutrean-hypothesis-ice-age-columbus_4105.html

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