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jeudi, 02 janvier 2020

Winter & the European Soul


Winter & the European Soul

If you’re milling around Counter-Currents, you’re probably savvy to the notion that human beings are biological creatures, that we are shaped and molded by our environment’s ruthless Darwinian pressures into our present form. To think this way is heresy in the contemporary West. To consider the possibility that man is subject to the laws of nature offends the prideful sensibilities of our Gnostic and Luciferian elites. To think of oneself as a thread in the great tapestry of being offends the petty individualism of the modern Westerners. We reject human biodiversity, we arrest speakers at [2] human biodiversity forums, and such forums are besieged by vile, black-clad political terrorists. And yet we need to think that way, and men persist in thinking, researching, meeting and discussing because we are drawn to that most ancient of philosophers’ dictum – Know Thyself, so that we may live in accordance with ourselves.

The first order meanings derived from the facts of human biodiversity are well known: there exist racial differences in IQ, probably racial differences in behavioral patterns, and also sexual differences in behavior. This has enormous implications for every human endeavor where the races and nations of man have to be considered in common. You can always take the reductionist and uninspired route which I like to call Rue du Molyneux after its baldest and most obnoxious traveler, but has been pithily named “IQ nationalism” by cleverer men than me. It entails, among other things, welcoming our new Han overlords because their average IQ is marginally higher (or more exactly, the average IQ of a fellaheen China is higher than the average IQ of a severely degenerated West). Or you can delve deep into what makes the Western soul different from that of other men.

The second order meanings derived from the facts of human biodiversity are not to be found in charts of IQ by race, in FBI crime statistics, or in GDP per capita rankings. Rather, they are to be found in thick, dusty books, in soaring cathedrals, in religious fervor, in thunderous symphonies and the infinite vistas of visual art. Acknowledging our debt to the Taylors, Duttons, Sailers, and Rushtons of the world, we seek out the Spenglers, Evolas, Vicos, and Duchesnes, who can teach us the how, the why and the whence of the Tolkiens, Michelangelos, Bonifaces, Tchaikovskys, and Toulouse-Lautrecs. I find that awe is the sense of being humbled and uplifted at the same time. To experience beauty is to experience the numinous. To experience the numinous is to feel human and alive, to have a momentary respite to the suffering and alienation inherent in modern life. Beauty is to the soul what bread is to the body. Whence this outpouring of incomparable beauty? Do lend me your ears, friends, for I have a theory.

White people are ice people. Our ancestors lived in some of the coldest regions of the planet. They lived through the coldest and darkest of winters by the skin of their teeth. Cold winter theory explains our high IQ and low time preference. But once you’ve built the stout hall and kindled the great fire and loaded the storehouse with food to last until the distant spring, what do you do? And here, I believe, the uniquely European love of beauty arose – beauty was something to think about in those long winter nights, where to leave the house meant death. Beauty of tale, song, and vision. Beauty of togetherness. Beauty of warmth.

Man in deep winter is man under siege. Man the hunter, man the walker, and Indo-Aryan man the horselord in particular is a creature which craves the thrill of roaming. The all-American cult of the open road, the steppe nomad’s reverence of the open sky, the Mediterranean reverence for boat and sea, the pilgrims’ journey to Canterbury, all speak of our love of travel, all reflect the great urge to move about unmolested and unconstrained. Western man’s soul is entwined with the Spenglerian prime symbol of a force vector hurling its energies into infinite space. Western man the explorer, Western man the conqueror loves movement. Winter is a hard limit on that urge. The boxed energies of Western man then turn inwards. I believe that the immeasurable depth of the Western soul is derived from this immense energy burrowing ever deeper into the self, in the dark, dead of winter. The claustrophobia of winter creates the dreams which fuel art, faith and joy. Cold is a prison cell. The body is entrapped by low temperatures, it tends towards motionlessness in winter. To move is to expend valuable energy, to leave the house is to expose oneself to the deep darkness of winter. And yet the mind can be neither slowed down nor stopped.


In this deep winter, we find ourselves dependent upon our family and friends. I imagine that the long halls of the old kings were full of huddled people, relying on one another to live through the dead of winter. To be white, to be a creature of the North, meant being with others. Alone, man is easy pickings for Jack Frost and his many ravenous nasties. When philosophers talk of a social contract (or more correctly, a social compact), they do not speak of a document which has been signed and notarized, as the autistic libertarian would have you believe. I’ve observed that relations among friends, and lesser financial obligations function much like the electron cloud theory of the atom. Because of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, one can either measure the momentum or position of the electron, but not both with sufficient precision. For this reason, the electron cloud represents various probabilities that a given electron is in a given position vis-à-vis the atomic core. I believe that petty obligations between friends, including financial ones work in the same way – minor expenses are not exactly tabulated, but a certain amount of giving is expected from those who mean to take in the future or past, adjusted for the ability to give. This is a good way of accounting for the unaccountable, which is to say living in a society of informal giving and taking with a tolerable dose of uncertainty. For this reason, we have the typical European altruism. In its degenerated form, it is the bane of our people, but this is true of every virtue – it becomes a vice in its excess. But I believe that the electron cloud model of mutual obligations among friends is applicable to the mutual obligations between members of human society, especially European society, which relies on communality and altruism far more than other societies.

In order to avoid this very inhumane accounting for giving and taking, in order to not live as slaves to ledgers, we have cultures of giving. And giving, I wager, is one of those things that keeps us sane. We are paradoxically the people most evolved to be communal, due to the harsh winters, and yet the most individualistic, due to the inward direction of our expansionist energies in the days of dark winter. In the dead of winter, Western man falls prey to solipsism and navel-gazing, alienating himself from his friends and family. This inward thinker has somehow found that it is impossible to prove to oneself that other conscious beings exist. I do not know if my friends exist – they might be fever dreams cooked up by a demon intending to deceive me, as per Descartes. How do we square this circle?

It is my belief that love, in all four of its manifestations, is the answer. Love is the soul’s response to the increased perceived probability of the existence of another soul. And love of one’s neighbor must be reinforced – I do not believe in love without physical action. We who intend to live as men, and not animals, must give if we are to take in the future. We give, even without reward, because we hope, in the future, to receive. We give because we want to live as men among men. And the darkest of days, when we are most at risk of forgetting our place among our people are the days of our festivals of giving. Christmas is a celebration of our nature as creatures both individualistic and communal, of men as threads in a great tapestry, but each king under his roof and each dreamer in his soul. We give to feel human.

A grey chill descends upon my city. It looks like another snowless December, as a dense fog envelops the senses and penetrates deep into my garments. I leave my office for my lunch break to meet my wife. We take a stroll by the river. We see some ducks and a black waterfowl which is larger than a duck, but smaller than a swan. We kiss. “Your mustache is wet.” The fog gets everywhere. It carries the cold with it. The sun looks quite eerie through the fog, a whitish ball of light, like the disembodied eye of some ungodly deepwater fish. I hug my dear. The warmth of her body radiates through many layers of clothing. The warmth of her soul reassures me that I am not alone in the universe.

Orthodox Christmas doesn’t come until January. But in deep December, at the Solstice or thenabouts, we celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas, bishop of Myra, Miracle-worker. I am personally associated with St. Nicholas and his feast for more than one reason. St. Nicholas was born to wealth, but he became a monk and gave away all his wealth to the poor. He gave his wealth to three poor girls so that they may have dowries and find husbands and find joy. He snuck gold coins into their socks as they were drying out. But when the youngest was getting married, it was the dead of winter and the house was boarded shut, so St. Nicholas shimmied down the chimney to drop the gold coins in the girl’s socks, which were hanging from the fireplace.


In the West, St. Nicholas is Santa Claus, and Santa Claus is a composite figure – not only is he the kind and giving Bishop of Myra, but he is also an avatar of the All-Father, of Odin, who was himself a wanderer and miracle-worker. Santa Claus is many things, but he embodies the principle of giving, of belonging and good cheer even as the days grow ever shorter, even in the longest nights around the Solstice.

The cold, the snow, the darkness, the endless sky have sculpted European man. We are children of winter in a way no other people are. We love winter like no other people do. We fight with snowballs, we ski, we sleigh and we build snowmen. American children look to snow to give them respite from the tyranny of government schools, if even for a day. There is a beauty to a winter night that is to be found in no other landscape image. The European soul is the product of the winter night. It is warm, tender, yet rough and adventurous, both individualistic and communal, at peace with contradiction and uncertainty, basking in that greatest joy of winter — the communal dream of spring.

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[2] arrest speakers at: https://www.counter-currents.com/2019/11/greg-johnson-arrested-in-norway-for-thoughtcrime/


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dimanche, 06 décembre 2015

Mantenersi fermi nella notte del mondo. Appunti solstiziali


Mantenersi fermi nella notte del mondo. Appunti solstiziali

Ex: http://www.ilprimatonazionale.it 

Dicembre. Ultimo mese dell’anno, il mese dei riepiloghi, delle chiusure, delle attese per i nuovi inizi. Il mese di Natale, come è stato in epoca cristiana e ancor più, ancor prima, in tutto il mondo indoeuropeo con le feste collegate al Solstizio d’Inverno, la Porta degli Dei, il momento sacro più importante.

A Roma le festività che si accavallavano in occasione del Solstizio invernale erano addirittura tre: i Saturnalia, dal 17 al 24 dicembre; gli Angeronalia, il 21 dicembre – giorno del Solstizio vero e proprio, quando Terra e Sole sono allineati nel perielio sull’asse maggiore dell’orbita di rivoluzione; infine il 25 dicembre, divenuto il Dies Natalis Solis Invicti sotto Aureliano, il giorno in cui il Sole rende visibile la sua rinascita grazie dell’apparente inversione del suo moto.

Prima che nel periodo imperiale il Sol Invictus divenisse il protagonista indiscusso di queste festività, nel mondo arcaico erano tre le divinità che entravano in gioco in queste feste: Saturno, Angerona e Giano. Angerona è forse la meno conosciuta, una dea rappresentata con il capo velato e soprattutto con un dito sulle labbra chiuse, ad indicare il silenzio. Ma il suo essere meno conosciuta di altre divinità non indica un’importanza minore, anzi. Angerona era la dea che proteggeva i Misteri – si dice anche che proteggesse il Nome Segreto di Roma affinché i nemici non potessero mai scoprirlo e quindi non potessero mai conquistare l’Urbe – era la dea che accompagnava il Mystes, l’iniziato, nel suo percorso.

Era la dea dei segreti sacri più profondi e importanti, la dea dei segreti inaccessibili e non rivelabili, sia perché “pericolosi” per i profani ma anche perché non comprensibili se non attraverso la partecipazione attiva ad essi, essendo sovra-sensibili e soprattutto sovra-razionali. Nel giorno degli Angeronalia, nel giorno in cui il Sole effettua astronomicamente il passaggio, i pontefici osservavano un profondo silenzio e officiavano i loro sacrifici mantenendo una tranquillità polare e immutabile mentre il caos dei Saturnalia dilagava tutto intorno a loro.

Diventavano così incarnazione di quel principio di assialità cosmica e luminosa che regge il mondo rimanendo immutato di fronte all’incessante movimento dei cicli cosmici. Lo stesso principio che, mutuato dal mondo germanico attraverso un sempreverde illuminato, sarebbe diventato l’Albero di Natale, emblema dell’Albero Cosmico.


Giano, conosciuto dai profani come il “dio bifronte” o “dio degli inizi”, condivideva con Angerona la potestà degli stati di passaggio. Giano ha la stessa radice di “ianua”, ovvero “porta”. Suo simbolo era la nave, l’emblema del viaggio iniziatico in tutte le civiltà, da Odisseo e Argo fino alla Barca Solare dei misteri di Iside e Osiride. Giano è colui che custodisce l’universo e ha il potere di volgerlo sui cardini, come ci dice Ovidio. È colui che ha le chiavi che aprono e chiudono, che legano e slegano, il dio che unisce e dissolve, colui che controlla i due movimenti contrastanti del cosmo attraverso il suo terzo volto, quello nascosto, quello che sintetizza l’unità degli opposti e che di Due fa Uno.

Infine Saturno. La figura di Saturno è sicuramente più nota rispetto alle altre due. Ma paradossalmente il suo essere “più famoso” lo ha reso anche il più sensibile a clamorosi fraintendimenti. Saturno per la maggior parte delle persone è il malvagio titano Kronos che mangia i suoi stessi figli, il dio nero con un carro trainato da draghi che rappresenta le forze divoranti e dissolventi a cui gli dei olimpici si devono opporre. Tutto ciò è parziale e impreciso. Giano e Saturno erano divinità molto legate, quasi inscindibili. Si dice che fu Giano ad accogliere Saturno nel Lazio, divenuto appunto la Saturnia Tellus, dopo che questi fu esiliato dal suo regno dell’Età dell’Oro. Saturno era infatti il sovrano dell’Era che fu prima di ogni inizio, l’Era in cui il tempo non esisteva, l’Era di felicità in cui ogni cosa dava frutto perché ogni potenza diveniva atto – per questo nel Lazio Saturno fu anche divinità agricola che proteggeva il seme nella sua fioritura – l’Era in cui l’uomo era in armonia e unità con il Divino.

Eppure Saturno si addormenta, il suo regno si sospende. E il tempo inizia a fluire, a far invecchiare, a divorare nel suo ciclo di morte e rinascita. Diventa il Kronos dell’immaginario comune, il drago che divora incessantemente, che non riesce mai a sfamarsi, come l’ego che incatena ogni ascesi o come il pensiero associativo che con il suo continuo fluire non permette di fermarsi e passare. Saturno è dunque tanto l’Oro quanto il piombo alchemico. Ma come insegna la stessa Arte Regale, è nel piombo che vi è l’Oro, è dal piombo che si fa l’Oro ed è solo rettificando il piombo che si realizza l’Oro.

Le feste dei Saturnalia che precedevano il Solstizio sono un rituale che realizza esattamente questo processo. Nelle notti più oscure, in cui il Sole-Oro è sempre più avvolto dall’oscurità plumbea della notte invernale, il mondo viene sconvolto dal caos. Ogni ordine sociale costruito tramite una gerarchia evocata dal piano divino viene sovvertito. Gli schiavi comandano sugli uomini liberi, la dissonanza e la perdita delle forme prende il sopravvento nelle città. Viene portata per le strade l’effige di un re vecchio, malato, infermo, un re che divorato dal tempo ha perso l’assialità e quindi diventa preda delle forze caotiche. Ma c’è chi mantiene la calma, il silenzio e la gerarchia, c’è chi conserva i segreti che neanche le forze più vulcaniche e infere del caos possono intaccare. C’è chi mantiene l’assialità quando tutto intorno è caos, ci sono le Angeronalia durante i Saturnalia. Ma chi in silenzio segue i misteri di Angerona non lo fa solamente per “mantenere” i segreti, per “conservare” ciò che è sacro in attesa che il caos finisca e che torni il Saturno dell’Età dell’Oro.

Chi segue Angerona agisce, il Mystes è un soldato, un milite. Egli sa che ciò che è senza tempo non può avere inizio o fine, sa che attendere nel tempo l’inizio di qualcosa che è a-temporale è pura follia. Sa che Saturno celato va risvegliato e che per raggiungerlo c’è bisogno di Giano, il dio sia degli inizi che della fine e che quindi è hic et nunc, in ogni momento e in ogni luogo, in ogni punto di contatto tra ciò che è qui e ciò che è Sopra, tra ciò che è tempo e ciò che è Eternità, proprio come l’Urbe che è anche Orbe fondata nel cuore della Saturnia Tellus in cui regnano tanto Giano quanto Saturno e in cui si può incarnare l’azione sacra che permetta di mantenersi immutabile nel caos e attraversare la porta del guardiano cosmico che veglia sul sonno del dio celato. Solo così la follia che vede al vertice gli schiavi e i loro principi degradanti che rendono schiavi anche gli uomini liberi può aver fine, preannunciando una nuova Era in cui il re vecchio, malato e malfermo può morire e rinascere nel Fuoco per tornare ad essere Re, il Re Saturno che torna al suo splendore a-temporale.

Carlomanno Adinolfi

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samedi, 11 janvier 2014

Recordkou VS en Al Gore's idiootste Global Warming uitspraken


Recordkou VS en Al Gore's idiootste Global Warming uitspraken

Ironisch: Klimaat'wetenschappers' die Global Warming hoopten te bewijzen, kwamen vast te zitten in het ijs, evenals een eerste reddingsexpeditie. Uiteindelijk konden ze per helikopter worden gered.

Terwijl driekwart van de Verenigde Staten zucht onder een record koudegolf, en klimaat'wetenschappers' die met eigen ogen wilden zien hoe ver het ijs op Antarctica al gesmolten is kwamen vast te zitten in een ongekend dikke ijslaag, kijken we even terug naar het begin van deze eeuw, toen Global Warming alarmisten zoals Al Gore met hun uitspraken dat de nieuwe generatie in onze tijd geen sneeuw en ijs meer zou kennen, iedereen -inclusief bijna al 'onze' politici- de stuipen op het lijf joegen.

Global Warming wordt steeds ernstiger, zullen alle milieugroeperingen en de meeste politieke partijen u nog steeds vertellen. De historische kou in Noord Amerika is daar immers het absolute bewijs van. Dat vrijwel niet één onafhankelijke wetenschapper nog gelooft in dit inmiddels 100% ontkrachte mantra, doet niet ter zake. Immers, Global Warming is een onwrikbare peiler in de klimaatreligie, die ondanks een overweldigende lading bewijs van het tegendeel helaas ook in Nederland nog steeds veel verstokte aanhangers heeft.

Komende nacht kan het in de Amerikaanse staat Minnesota -54 graden Celcius worden, en kunnen 70 kouderecords worden gebroken. In grote delen van de VS is de gevoelstemperatuur reeds -48 graden, en wordt in een enorm gebied tussen de staten Mississippi en Ohio opnieuw sneeuwval verwacht. In Chicago hebben de autoriteiten de mensen opgeroepen thuis te blijven. Rond Indianapolis werd een uitgaansverbod ingesteld. De ijzige wind wordt zelfs in Florida en aan de Texaanse grens met Mexico gevoeld.

'Kinderen zullen geen sneeuw en ijs meer kennen'

Hoe anders had er uitgezien als de gevestigde klimaat'experts' in het jaar 2000 ook maar een béétje gelijk hadden gekregen. Zo voorspelden diverse 'wetenschappers' in dat jaar dat de Europese kinderen die toen werden geboren op hun 10e verjaardag niet meer zouden weten hoe ijs en sneeuw eruit ziet. Hoewel het nu zeer zacht is voor de tijd van het jaar - veroorzaakt door de extreme kou in Noord Amerika-, kenden we in 2012 een voorjaar dat in ruim 40 jaar niet meer zo koud was geweest.

Al Gore's idiootste uitspraken

Al Gore kan gerust dé profeet van de Global Warming kerk genoemd worden. Voor zijn inmiddels totaal ontkrachte documentaire 'An Inconvenient Truth' ontving hij zelfs de Nobelprijs. De -ijskoude- realiteit liet en laat echter zien hoe idioot zijn uitspraken waren:

1. In 2008 beweerde Gore tegen een Duits publiek dat de hele Noordpool 'over 5 jaar is gesmolten'. Wat gebeurde er echt: de ijskap groeide juist fors.

2. 'Co2 is de uitademing van onze beschaving.' Volgens Gore zou de menselijke uitstoot van Co2 snelle en ongekende opwarming veroorzaken. We lijken echter juist een periode van Global Cooling te zijn ingegaan. Bovendien is het Co2 gehalte in de atmosfeer historisch gezien erg laag, en is juist veel meer Co2 nodig om de toekomstige oogsten voor de snel groeiende wereldbevolking niet te laten mislukken.

3. 'De planeet heeft koorts.'

4. In 2006: 'Veel wetenschappers waarschuwen dat we steeds dichterbij een aantal omslagpunten komen die het binnen 10 jaar onmogelijk maken om onherstelbare schade aan de leefbaarheid van de planeet voor de menselijke beschaving te voorkomen.'

5. 'Dit is de waarheid: De Aarde is rond, Saddam Hussein viel ons niet aan op 9/11, Elvis is dood, Obama werd geboren in de VS, en de klimaatcrisis is echt.'

6. 'Het binnenste van de Aarde is zeer heet, meerdere miljoenen graden.' De hoogste temperatuur in het binnenste van de Aarde is echter 11.000 F.

7. 'Er hangt een onrealistische zweem over het praten over deze mysterieuze zaken, nu de wereld dankzij global warming voor onze eigen ogen op zo'n dramatische wijze verandert.'

8. 'Het zou een enorme opluchting zijn als de recente aanvallen op de wetenschap van global warming een teken zouden zijn dat we geen onvoorstelbare, grootschalige preventieve rampmaatregelen moeten nemen om de menselijke beschaving te beschermen.'

9. 'Het overleven van de VS zoals we het kennen loopt risico. Ja, zelfs de toekomst van de menselijke beschaving staat op het spel.'

10. 'We zouden deze uitdaging met een gevoel van diepe vreugde en dankbaarheid tegemoet moeten treden; dat wij de gevierde generatie zijn waarover orkesten, dichters en zangers over 1000 jaar zullen zeggen dat wij het in onszelf hebben gevonden deze crisis op te lossen, en de basis voor een stralende en optimistische menselijke toekomst hebben gelegd.'

50% meer ijs op de Noordpool, onbetrouwbare klimaatmodellen

Jaar na jaar komt er echter steeds meer bewijs dat er helemaal niets klopt van de Global Warming theorie. De New American schreef onlangs dat 'in tegenstelling tot de alarmistische voorspellen van Gore en zijn 'doemsdag sekte' voorspelden, de laatste satellietgegevens aantonen dat het ijs op de Noordpool sinds 2012 met 50% is gegroeid, en in oktober 2012 zelfs het snelst toenam sinds in 1979 werd begonnen met meten. Experts voorspellen dat dit de komende jaren zal doorgaan, waardoor global-warmingalarmisten koortsachtig naar verklaringen zullen moeten zoeken om hun gezicht te redden en de snel smeltende klimaathysterie nieuw leven in te blazen.'

Iedereen weet inmiddels dat de wereldwijde temperatuur al zeker 17 jaar niet meer stijgt. Deze klimaatrealiteit heeft dan ook een ruw einde gemaakt aan alle 73 door de VN gebruikte klimaatmodellen, die dus volstrekt onbetrouwbaar zijn gebleken.

Regering Rutte geeft miljarden uit aan niet-bestaand probleem

Triest genoeg baseren de Westerse overheden hun beleid nog steeds op de niet bestaande door mensen veroorzaakte opwarming. In het licht van de forse bezuinigingen op bijvoorbeeld de sociale zekerheid, gekoppeld aan enorme lastenverhogingen, zijn de tientallen miljarden euro's subsidies die alleen al het kabinet Rutte voor de global warming industrie heeft uitgetrokken, des te schrijnender.

Klimaat verandert altijd al, zonder menselijke invloed

Klimaatverandering bestaat en heeft altijd al bestaan. Toen er nog geen enkele sprake was van eventuele menselijke invloed, steeg in de middeleeuwen de gemiddelde temperatuur in het noorden van Europa naar subtropische waarden. Vervolgens kwam de bekende 'kleine ijstijd', eveneens toen door mensen veroorzaakte Co2 uitstoot geheel ontbrak. Die uitstoot is ook anno 2014 sowieso dermate gering, dat deze op wereldschaal in de atmosfeer niet eens een meetbare toename veroorzaakt, nog even los van het feit dat een relatie tussen meer Co2 en de -dus niet bestaande- opwarming nooit is bewezen.

Global Warming wetenschappers vast in het ijs

De klimaat'wetenschappers' die Global Warming wilden bewijzen en die ironisch genoeg vast kwamen te zitten in het poolijs, werden op 2 januari door een helikopter gered. Denk echter maar niet dat de reguliere media melding maakten van het doel van deze totaal mislukte missie. Dat was ongetwijfeld wel het geval geweest, als de wetenschappers 'bewijs' hadden gevonden dat het ijs wél aan het smelten is.

Wanneer komt er een einde aan dit duurste bedrog ooit?

Dat betekent dat de gevestigde orde en de globalisten zullen blijven volhouden dat het klimaat verandert door menselijke activiteiten. Op deze wijze kunnen ze hun onderdanen torenhoge milieubelastingen, veel te hoge energieprijzen en allerlei andere extreem kostbare beperkende maatregelen blijven opleggen. Het is daarom te hopen dat de gewone man wakker wordt voordat dit met afstand grootste en duurste bedrog aller tijden een definitief einde maakt aan zijn welvaart en aan de toekomst van zijn kinderen.


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